So you may have guessed from the title that I’ve started playing WoW again.  Something fun to do instead of cleaning the condo or working out to keep my svelte form.  Ha just kidding….about the svelte thing.  🙂

I have been over my comfortable weight since the holidays (yes Dec) and so as my annual physical is fast approaching I figure I should at least drop some weight before the doc tells me to.  Plus I’m not really into taking drugs so anything that keeps me off any high blood pressure meds is a good thing.  No matter what the right shoulder guy says about nachos (or totchos for that matter).

So healthier eating and not so much junk (not that I eat that much to begin with, junk that is).  I have started to put the meal in a small bowl so it really does look like I’m eating a gigantic serving, of course I made enough for seconds so…. And I’ve started to use chopsticks instead of a fork.  “They” say it’s supposed to slow you down and make you feel that full feeling before you’ve eaten three bowls of ice cream.  Instead of just the one you planned on eating.

If you are a practised user of chopsticks, good for you.  I’m not bad but definitely it is slowing me down.  I also look at it as a hand exercise, so hey I’m good  all around.  I expect the shooting hand will appreciate that on competition days.

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