First off I still have my comics because I started seriously collecting them when I was an adult. So I didn’t have to worry about my mom throwing my comics away. That wasn’t the case for my friend and boss Perry. His mom at one point wrote his name in all of his comics so when he was at camp they wouldn’t get lost or stolen. Of course later on she went one better (or worse depending) by burning all of them when he was away at college because ‘ why would he want them?’. So yes I still have my comics, except for the ones I bought as a kid. Those went the way of the dodo when I discovered girls. I was still a geek but girls were important so you had to stop being a “little” kid and grow up. My box of comics count now stands at 35-40 long boxes (these hold almost 350-400 comics) and approx. 20 small boxes ( these hold about 200 comics). When I started collecting as an adult I’d buy them from the 7-11 and so I wasn’t real happy with that as you weren’t guaranteed that you’d be able to get the next issue. So one nite when we had some people over from work, a woman I knew saw some of my comics on the coffee table ( I didn’t care) and said that her boyfriend owned a comic book store. My first thought was, What the heck is a comicbook store? Well that weekend I found out and I never bought another comic at 7-11 again. My discretionary income allowed me to purchase pretty much every comic that was published every week. I did that for almost two years before I no longer had the job that provided that discretionary income so I had to cut back. And I’ve been cutting back ever since with out much success.

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