I’ve had a pretty good life.  I ended up getting my dream job, of course once I got it I found out what everyone finds out, that sometimes you don’t want what you wished for.  Overall though not a bad job.   Just a little too much drama and office politics for me.  I figured it out though and learned to stay away from the drama as much as possible.  Early on I had a mentor who helped me find myself and make the job my own.  He showed me that the drama could work to your advantage as long as you stayed up wind.  As I’ve said in the past it’s not all spinning records and making jokes about the latest weird band story.  There were sad stories of people who found their dream job and couldn’t handle the lime light.  The DJ is a lonely job in reality.  Especially when the ratings are coming out and everyone’s job is on the line.  It’s like being the quarterback on a football team.  Yes there are other players but if a receiver misses a route and the quarterback throws an interception, it’s almost always the quarterbacks fault.  So the on air talent takes the hit if the ratings are down.  Unless you are the over night guy then you are pretty much bullet proof as overnite is mostly a dead time for advertising and that’s what drives the ratings, advertising.

I finally got another call from Cherie (with a “C”) last week but she seemed to be rather uncertain as to what she wanted from the conversation.  I certainly didn’t feel the tension (sexual or otherwise) that was there before.  She did ask me what I did on my days off and we talked about various subjects including my adventure with the ghost and my broken leg.  We talked about Jerry moving to LA and his attempt at acting.  I remarked that it had been fun except for the broken leg.  Just before she hung up I got the impression she wanted to ask me something but instead requested a song that wasn’t on the play list but she knew I could play it.  And I did.

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