So it’s official I’m retired.  Got my first check from Social Security today. I guess I can stop thinking I’m on vacation and start doing the stuff I said I’d do when I retired.  

No more excuses when it comes to things like going to the gym on a regular basis, getting to the range during the week to practice, and in general doing things that I couldn’t do because I had to get up and go to a job.  Of course the job thing may still be a thing but we’ll see how well I can budget and not succumb to the evils of laziness and procrastination

I now have the time to go see movies anytime I want and of course just getting outside during the nice summer weather we will be getting here soon.

Playing more D&D is also a good possibility.  When working it’s hard to justify staying up late during the work week so this is a also something I want to pursue. Plus PaizoCon is in the near future and I feel good about attending that.  I could have done that when working but since it is at the end of May, getting the time off would have been a hassle.  Now it isn’t.  😉  

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