Took some fun calls during my shift. They reminded me of a book I read back in high school (ya it was a looong time ago). It was written by Ray Bradbury the author of The Martian Chronicles and a short story (among a million other titles) called Dandelion Wine I think that was the name of it anyway. Something Wicked this way Comes was a book that under normal circumstances I’d never have read as it was mostly a horror story and I get scared enough in real life so don’t need any more help. The reason tho I read it was because of the author and of course it was a really good book. I think they made a movie out of it. Anyway the why of it is that during the story it comes up that at 3 am the human spirit is at it’s lowest ebb and so, vulnerable to certain forces beyond our grasp. In the story spooky horror stuff would happen around that time and the hero had to overcome those forces during the 3 o’clock hour.

So at one point I took a call from a woman and we talked for a bit about the current song and how there was a better song by that artist on the same CD and could I play that one for her. As I said earlier I was allowed to deviate from the playlist at times so I agreed to play it in the next hour. She called back later and thanked me. Her name was Cherie with a “C” as she informed me. I also took among others a call from a guy who talked to me for quite some time about his encounters with spirits and we’re not talkin’ Rum. At first I thought he was jerking my chain but after a while I realized he was serious. He worked at the local all nite mini market and would be all alone in the store and hear the entry buzzer, look up and no one was there. He said once in a while tho he would see fleeting images of someone walking down an aisle. His encounters were not restricted to just the mini mart, he also ran into these hauntings at his home and sometimes when he was out and about on his days off. Don’t know if I believed him but here’s the tie-in, he said most of the time this seems to happen around THREE o’clock. Hmm a coincidence? Not sure but with out identifying myself I plan on checking the mini mart out one of the nites when I’m off and see if I find anything. Should be fun.

You never know who or what you’ll run into on the graveyard shift but it’s always entertaining. And that’s why I work it.

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