Hello and welcome to Dayzee’s Ramblings. As we explore Dayzee’s world I thought you might be wondering how she came to be. Dayzee started out a few years ago at a role playing game table. I was looking for another character to play after having played rogues and other assorted characters over the years. When I created Dayzee, I jokingly made her wacky, gave her a rough demeanor, and she liked her drink. During that first adventure I found I liked the character’s energy, plus the other players at the table seemed to enjoy Dayzee, so I began to expand the wacky—and her enjoyment of the occasional Fireball. You’ll notice that in addition to her love of Fireball (and other alcoholic beverages) her other obvious quirk is referring to herself in the 3rd person. And don’t annoy her, otherwise you’ll get added to The List.

Writers talk about characters taking on a life of their own and will quite often direct the course of their life on the page. Well, that’s kinda what happened here during the times I sat at the game table and played the adventures that make up role playing. The organized games offered an opportunity to expand Dayzee even further with the option of journaling about the adventures we’d participated in for extra XP. I was able to bring more life to the character through this journaling.

Then as a break from writing my novel, The Comicbook Detective (published in March 2023), I started posting similar versions of the journals on Patreon. Today, while promoting The Comicbook Detective, I now write the adventures of Dayzee.

The stories you’ll experience here will eventually lead to Dayzee starring in her own stand alone novel. So sit back and enjoy the ramblings of a Pathfinder role-playing guy in a world where an RPG character comes to life on the written page. It’s going to be a wild ride. And who knows maybe Dayzee will re-visit the gaming table some day?

Wondering about the latest Dayzee? Find more Dayzee stories on my Patreon. Check out Dayzee’s Ramblings on Patreon/albclover and help support my writing.

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