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The game of Solitaire or is AI messing with me

During covid shut down I, along with everyone else, spent many a day/night entertaining ourselves in place of entertaining each other. Or even having contact with people outside our “circle”, so I turned to Spider Solitaire. Okay to be honest I’d already been playing my favorite solitaire on my tablet. My first goal was to reach level 500.

During that time, I began to notice how the program would seemingly “help” me and then thumb its nose(?) at me when I thought I was going to win.

That’s right the AI teases me. I’m certain it’s laughing its electronic laugh at me.

And why you ask? Okay let’s break it down. Let’s say I’m playing the game and I have a continuous run of King thru seven on one stack and another stack has five thru ace. Perfect right? Then when the next round of cards is dealt a six appears on the King stack, which is ideal for the five stack to complete the run and win the game. But a non-sequential card is now blocking the move to complete that run.

I swear I can hear the game laughing at me. Of course, just like playing keep away from your kitten or puppy, you’ve got to let them win occasionally to keep them in the game and that’s what AI does. Frustrating as hell though I still play on a daily basis.

Over the last few years since covid I’ve continued playing Spider Solitaire, I’m now level 1000, and the AI has persisted in taunting me.

With the introduction of AI awareness seeping into the world around us becoming a big part of the public awareness it’s becoming more obvious, at least to me, we’re not that far away from Skynet. Where’s Arnold when you need him?

Remember just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.

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