I thought I’d drop in here and tell you a story. For background I moved to Arizona, Tucson to be exact, in 2021. I had the help of my good friend Doug, who drove the U-Haul, while I Smokeyd and the Bandit in my car. We took our time and didn’t push. There were no issues and we made it to Tucson in three days. I got an apartment there and began soaking up the sun. Also learned a very valuable lesson to not walk on concrete in 105 degree weather barefoot. What can I say? But I know what you’re thinking and in hindsight I have to agree. Kinda dumb if I can call myself out.

Now flash forward to June 2023. I’ve made the decision to return to the PNW, specifically Bellingham. This time I decide to use a moving company and that’s another whole story that for now will wait for another time. But to the point of the title. Shoes!

When I was packing my stuff I wasn’t completely organized (friends who know me well are rolling their eyes at my “organized”) which caused me to pack stuff in unrelated boxes.

And here’s the payoff. I own a fair amount of shoes. I have workout shoes, walking shoes, Van’s, and a fun pair I picked up that are skater shoes(I don’t skate). So you would assume (wait for it) that I’d pack them by pairs. And we all know what happens when you assume.

Oh hell no, I put each shoe, to be fair not all of them but three pair total, of a pair in a different box. Yes you read that right, I separated each pair into a diffent box.

You might ask what was I thinking? My answer? Obviously I wasn’t. Now you’re also thinking why is this a problem. Once the movers delivered my stuff all would well. Sure if I’d gotten ALL of my stuff from the movers. As it turned out the movers “lost” a third of my belongings and were never able to find them. Long story as mentioned but moving on and past it.

But there you have it. I’m now the proud owner of one New Balance walking/running shoe(the left one), one glo-in-the-dark Vans(the left one) and a few years old comfy broken in shoe(the right one).

As said not my brightest moment. Oh well, whata ya gonna do? I say let it go and move on. And I have to admit it’s kinda funny. And I’m more than willing to laugh. 🤣🤣🤣

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