I’ll be honest with you, I’m scared. Yep the thought of going ghost hunting scares me. Imagine that, huh. I have been dragging my feet in meeting up with Jerry and he’s been calling asking me when we’re going to do this thing. I keep making excuses but my “grandmother” can only “die” once so it’s becoming more difficult to put it off. So I think I will NOT do the bandaid thing and get it over quickly. So here’s a start. The building the mini-mart is housed in, is an older three story building. I will do some more research to find out it’s history. I know it started out as a hotel back in the 1890’s. Then it was turned into an office space type set-up with a major renovation that gave it character. Now it’s got the mini-mart and a martial arts studio that occupy the main ground floor with a very small storefront in between the two that is currently unoccupied. It used to be a local video rental store, it went out of business when a video chain store came to town. The second floor has mostly office spaces and it always makes me think of Sam Spade or Mickey Spillane, you know Private Investigators. At the moment most of the offices are empty. The slow economy does that sometimes, also there doesn’t seem to be much need for a lot of PI’s in this town. Oops the red lite just came on so it’s off to Radio land for me.

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