Being lucky enough to be a part of this voyage brings my participation to the front. “The Comicbook Detective” is a story wrought with intrigue, folly, and . . . okay it’s about a guy who stumbles into a million-dollar collection of comicbooks. Alex Carter is a big comics nerd with a vivid imagination who must figure out how to navigate his imaginary noir world and the real world. The piece featured in True Stories III is the first chapter and the beginning of Alex’s journey from my forthcoming novel, “The Comicbook Detective.”

I published this story with the guidance of The Narrative Project—a program which supports writers who have stories to tell. With writing coach Cami Ostman, who is also a published author, leading the charge along with an awesome group of coaches, writers are given the tools to start the journey. That journey begins with an idea and ends with conviction. Conviction that you will hold a book in your hands with your name on the cover. If publishing is your dream, then The Narrative Project will help you attain it. True Stories Volume III is only the beginning of my journey and I’m so excited to introduce you to the launch of so many other dreams represented here.

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