So it’s that time again for the RPG game con sponsored by Paizo the company that makes Pathfinder.  I haven’t gone in a few years even though my group has gone every year.  I was following my other hobby, guns. This year though I decided that I needed to get back to my RPG roots.

It’s going to be four days of gaming, food, booze, and gaming.  Always a good time.  I really enjoy hanging with my friends and killing orcs, and other bad creatures.  Also the social interaction is a bit out of my comfort zone at times but it’s good for me.  

One of the games will be run by one of the creators of the Pathfinder system and it’s based on the movie, Dale and Tucker vs Evil.  Now if you’ve never seen this movie, please go watch it, no really go right now and watch it!  We’ll wait for you………….

Ok welcome back.  Great movie right?  The game should be just as great. 

So for four days I will be on another planet and in another dimension.  See you when I get back.

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