The Comicbook Detective


He slips between the racks of superheroes searching for the lost comics.
With great Power comes great Responsibility.

Writing. We all do it.
Here’s what I’ve been writing for a while now:


  • Anything I Type—Everyday ramblings from rants to silly stories.

  • Dayzee’s Ramblings—A fantasy adventure with an occasional Fireball.

  • The ComicBook Detective—Love. Comics. Adventure. Comic nerds. Oh, and some Mt. Dew. You get the idea.

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Anything I Type

A blog about nothing…

is still about something.

Just ask Seinfeld.

Dayzee's Ramblings



and After Last Call

I Type

Life on Planet AL

Life on Planet AL

Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash Life on Planet AL We create our own history. I turned 70 in December 2023. Almost three quarters of a century. During that time, I’ve experienced life in my own unique fashion. Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but...

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Is Peanut butter the Rudolph of cookies

Is Peanut butter the Rudolph of cookies

Ok confession time. Recently I've been thinking about peanut butter. And no, not in that way but in the way of wondering what the chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies think. Are they good with not mixing with the peanut butter cookies. And don't get them started...

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I thought I'd drop in here and tell you a story. For background I moved to Arizona, Tucson to be exact, in 2021. I had the help of my good friend Doug, who drove the U-Haul, while I Smokeyd and the Bandit in my car. We took our time and didn't push. There were no...

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Dayzee’s Ramblings

The World of the Comicbook Detective

Coming soon to a website near you

Hi there. In this spot on the Comic Book Detective website you are going to get some insight to my book called "The Comic Book Detective." Over the next several months I will be revealing the characters, which, along with the city of Seattle and the weather of the...

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About Al

At the early age of 6, I remember clutching my weekly allowance, a quarter, and seeing a Mad Magazine on the spin rack at the grocery store. The cover was a typical Mad Magazine cover that had the iconic ‘What me Worry’. Mad Magazine was the perfect combo of words and pictures to help me learn to read and enjoy reading. That Mad Magazine was the gateway drug to comic books and the beginning of my active imagination. Then I moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the sleepy town of Renton, a suburb south of Seattle. Surrounded by Boeing Field and the roar of jets from the Boeing airplane plant, I continued my pursuit of comics and discovered that reading was fun. The discovery of James Bond fit right into my world view and TV certainly helped keep my imagination active. I found what I thought would be my calling from listening to the radio. Being a radio DJ was a dream come true but I found that your dreams aren’t always great when you get to realize them. It did lead to me co-starring in a music video and when it showed up on MTV I had my 15 minutes of fame. Writing became a pastime that has since become a new adventure and I will soon be a published author. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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