I decided that I want some chips.  Cheetos, I think. The machine had already ripped me off once today.  But, hunger wins out everytime over brains. So I put my money in and push the buttons.  The mechanism slowly spins and then stops millimeters from releasing my chips.  I stare at them hoping the intense glare I am directing towards them will cause them to hop into my hand.  But no, they sit there mocking me and my hunger.  

My brain then says, “Shake it”.  I look around sheepishly and seize the top of the machine and rock it back and forth.  I’m a wimp.  I know someone will walk around the corner and catch me. It’s perfectly legit (hunger says), but I realize that my explanation sounds lame.  Sure enough here comes someone.  They ask “Did you lose money too?”.  When I nod in the affirmative, she says “Did you shake the machine?”.  With some trepidation I say, “Yes, but feels weird doing it”.  “Oh don’t worry I did the same”, she says, “But it helps to really shake it hard”.  So the two of us grabbed the machine and started pushing first one way, then another.  It started to rock back and forth but the bag of chips refused to let go of it’s grip and continued to stare defiantly at us. Oh well I guess someone was trying to tell me I didn’t need those chips after all.

I put a note on the machine for it’s refusal to award me with my chosen treasure. Later in the week there was an envelope with my name on it attached to the machine with recompense. I haven’t been hungry enough to brave the Vending Machine since.

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