One thing about working the grave is you mostly get to avoid the politics that are prevalent. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary as every job has it’s bittersweet moments. The politics in radio though are sometimes abit much as you’re dealing with creative and some type A personalities. I once saw a grown man breakdown and kick a wall until the plasterboard fell on him because someone else got to interview a woman who had met a musician (relative well known at the time) in a bar and they had hung out for a few hours. Nothing earth shattering but this guy felt that because he was the “talent” he should have done the interview. The really sad part is the fact that the woman didn’t really have anything to say, she just kept saying that “he” was really nice. I mention the politics because the program director asked me to come in during the day and meet with her. Turns out corporate was in town and she wanted to show me off. Ya I put up with it as she gets kudos and then looks the other way when I don’t toe the party line during my shift. The amazing thing is that the suits know of me and actually want to meet me. Like I’ve mentioned, my past sometimes is a pain. They are getting me for a rather cheap payday but I’m ok with that.
I have talked about liking graveyard shift and it’s mostly because I’m left alone. The overnite shift is a “loss leader” for the radio station. When the sales staff sells radio time it gives them an opportunity to do the “ok here’s what we’re going to do for you“. Since no really ever buys time in the overnite there are lots of time slots to fill. Of course management loves it. For me it just means that I get to basically have 30sec fillers where all I have to do is push a button, I like it. So pretty much the “graveyard” shift for me is a win win. Alright I’m ON in 3o minutes so time to go.

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