Here’s a quick update before my shift.  Jerry’s back in town after his excursion to the big city.  He called a while back during my shift and we got together in the morning.  We talked about how things went.  I learned that he had left originally because the ghost thing had scared the crap out of him.  So he needed to get away.  The acting gig didn’t really pan out.  He ended up working graveyard shift at a 24 hr mini mart.  The trip to the big city showed him that in reality he had a good thing up here.  So he decided to come back.  He got his job back at the mini mart and I gave him a couple of graveyard shifts at the radio station.  Turns out he’s quite good as a DJ.  Probably the acting training.

The rest of the radio station crew stayed on and I’m glad as it’s a good group.  The program director doesn’t have to worry about me playing something not on the playlist and getting her in trouble with the owners.  I don’t have to pretend to care when the owners come to town anymore and that’s a bonus right there.  I hired a couple more staff so everybody can have time off if they want and not have to worry.  Alright the clock is ticking and getting close to that time of the night so I’m done here.  I think the subject for tonight’s discussion will be heroes and what they mean to us as humans.  There’s the ON-AIR light so signing off.

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