Hi, my name is Naomi Price. Alex asked me to introduce myself. I’m the love interest, at least Alex hopes so, we’ll see. I’m twenty-eight and a college graduate with a bunch of comics. None of which were purchased or collected by me. My Uncle Wally was the owner of this rather large collection of comic books and when he passed away, he left his entire estate to me. His brother, who was my dad, along with my mom were killed in an auto accident when I was 8 years old and as per their will and some other legal stuff, he became my guardian. I loved Uncle Wally and he made my life wonderful.  

After my eighteenth birthday I came into my inheritance left by my parents’ estate. It wasn’t a million dollars or anything, but it allowed me to go to college and Uncle Wally didn’t have to worry about paying for it. I stayed close to home though and attended the University of Washington. Which is where I met my boyfriend, Richard, well now he’s my fiancé. When I started going through Uncle Wally’s things, I was quite shocked at the number of comics he owned. I knew he collected comics as the posters, statues and the occasional stack of comics around the house as I was growing up, were a certain clue but I’d never realized just how extensive his collection was. As a young girl he tried to share his hobby with me, but I wasn’t that interested. First Barbie and then boys took precedence in my young life. And then when I went to college that was my focus. Of course, meeting Richard made matters even more complicated as Richard and I were living together. Which meant I wasn’t around Uncle Wally as much. I was unaware he had gutted the second floor of the house to make room for his collection.  

The collection was enormous, and I had no idea as to what to do. Richard suggested we just take it all to the dump, but I felt like that was disrespecting my uncle’s memory. With a bit of research, I discovered that there was a whole culture of comic books beyond the superhero movies and TV shows. I felt that Uncle Wally would like it if someone who respected comics was the recipient of his collection. Digging further I hit on The Comics Clubhouse. Not sure why I choose that store when there are a multitude of comic stores in Seattle, but it was the right choice, in hindsight. 

Alex was patient and willing to take on this monumental task. I never felt like he was taking advantage of a girl who knew nothing about comics. I’ve seen it before when I’ve taken my car to the mechanic and they just smile and then try to charge me for re-filling the air in my tires. Nice try asshole. But Alex was not like that. He explained the difference between a comic that was worth a lot of money and a comic that we could just donate to a library or a children’s group. I trusted him. Good thing too. He also said something about maybe donating the entire collection as the comics cover a lot of comicbook history. I did mention my uncle had a Superman comic. When Alex asked me about the comic all I could tell him was it cost ten cents and had Superman holding a car over his head. It must be an important issue as Alex got really excited and well that’s one of the reasons, I like him, his excitement over those things from childhood. He’s kind of cute when he gets all wound up talking comics. Now if Richard could just let the idea of the possible riches not taint his feelings towards the comics, he and Alex could get along with each other. Too bad as when they first met, they got along. 

I do feel something for Alex. Not quite sure what will come of it, but I am engaged so…  

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