So yesterday was Free Comicbook Day and I was invited by a local store, Space Monkey Comics, to participate here in Tucson. I was one of several local creators who spent the day promoting our stories. I was the lone book author in the midst of comicbook creators but we were all there for the same reason. To promote and further comicbooks as a medium for enjoyment.
I learned a lot from the experience. Mostly, that I needed to do more than just show up. I had many awesome conversations with comic collectors who had arrived at the store to grab the free comics stores were offering.

The sun was shining, it is Tucson afterall, but we were under an awning, otherwise Al might have been sunburned. But it was a nice day and I gave out many of my biz cards plus was able to talk about my Patreon. Hoping I sent one person to my website.
I had a delightful conversation with one creator who showed me, as I said earlier, I needed to do more than just show up.
Learning to be able to give the “elevator pitch” at the drop of a hat is now a priority. And getting more comfortable with public speaking. I classify myself as an introvert with extrovert impulsives. Taking a page from my radio broadcasting days I recognize some work is needed. I know I’ll get better with more exposure but yesterday was my first of many.
In case you were wondering, I did sell a few copies of The Comicbook Detective. Four copies to be exact. Didn’t sell enough to make the New York Times Best Seller List, but still a successful day of sales. For a rookie. Now that I’ve got that first time out of the way, look out world. ;)
I see many more signings/promotions in my future. I still hope to get the book into book stores but also am excited to get into comicbook stores.

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