Reviving the blog Anything I type is now happening. This post is inspired by the closing of the first comic book store I ever walked into.

First though some back ground. In 1965 I discovered the little corner store that had comicbooks. Previous to that I’d bought some Mad magazines and the occasional comicbook. Nothing serious though in the way of collecting and following a story line. Then I discovered this rack of comics and they did look inviting. So with my paper route money I bought a couple and after that I was hooked. I learned that they would continue every month and I just had to show up and pay my money. This lasted for a few month and by then I was spending a good $2-3 a month. Then puberty happened and comicbooks were a thing of the past. Flash forward to 1975. I was unemployed and living the good life when I walked into the local 7-11 and saw a spinner rack (standard comicbook display) with titles I remembered from my childhood. So I bought a couple and a beer and headed home. That started the process all over again, but it didn’t last this time either.

A couple of years later, having gone back to work and thus having quite a lot of disposable income and in general not spending it on drugs and alcohol I again found comics. 7-11 was my comicbook store and I haunted the spinner racks in a monthly search for the elusive next issue of my favorites. Here’s the problem with buying comics from a 7-11, they don’t always get the same titles every month. So you could be reading the Avengers and they are just getting to the really good part of the storyline and the next month’s issue isn’t anywhere to be found. So as I stumbled around looking for that elusive comicbook issue that I was missing it never occurred to me that there was a better way of doing this dance.

Then one nite at a party my roommate and I were throwing a woman I knew noticed the comics on the coffee table. She said her boyfriend had a comicbook store. My first thought was, ‘what the hell is a comicbook store?’. And then my next thought was, Where is this place and when is it open?

I quickly found this store in downtown Seattle and was frankly like a kid in a candy store. The owner was a very cool guy and we hit it off right away. The great thing about this store was it just didn’t have the “normal” comics but others. Those were comics I’d never seen and would have never seen on the 7-11 spinner rack. So I discovered not only superheroes but also sci-fi, mystery, and other types of comics that you could only get in a comicbook store.

The discovery of this comicbook store started me on a path that would cumulate in my career choice for almost 20 years. And what an awesome 20 years it was.

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