I hate moving. Of course I’m not alone in this hate of moving. Sure there might be a few people in the world who don’t hate moving but I haven’t’ met them. Oh by the way I’m moving, if you haven’t got the memo. To Arizona. Yep finally getting out of the miserably rainy world of the Pacific Northwest. Not gonna lie I’ve toyed with moving out of the PNW since I was a kid. I remember in my teens wanting to move to Los Angeles and then to Hawaii. All pipe dreams of a sixteen year old. But the closest I ever got to moving was the year(1975) I spent in Iowa after I’d graduated from high school. And even then I lasted all of six months before I moved back to Washington.

This move will be my last(he said with conviction. The same conviction he said when he moved the last time) I expect this to be my last as I’m getting up there in years (even expecting to live past 100) at least I hope I don’t/won’t/have to move again.

I figure conservatively this is move number ten in a series of moves over the years. I’m sure as a small child I moved once or twice before the major move from Iowa to Washington. I just have no recollection of moving in Iowa. There’s just memories of stuff. Your mileage may vary.

So there is a bit of wanderlust in my family. Especially with the parents. Some of that wanderlust was explained to me in a conversation with my dad twenty years ago. Turns out my understanding for our move from Iowa to Washington was so far off base that it almost seems like a story I’d be writing today. As my father explained one day in a random chat, the reason we’d moved to Seattle from Cedar Rapids wasn’t because my dad, who was a machinist, got a job with Boeing. Nope my crazy family moved out to Seattle because of the World’s Fair in 1962. Yep no job just the dream of witnessing the World’s Fair. So ya Clover family wanderlust welcomes you.

Frankly I think the gene stopped at the parents. Once I moved back to Seattle, from my excursion to the flat land of the Midwest in the mid Seventies and settled into being adult, I was rather happy to stay in one place. And I did well not in the same location but still in the PNW and it’s lovely rainy weather. Winters were grey (okay sometimes white) and I learned to make the best of the sunshine during the summer months. I laughed at the complaining about the heat in the summer and dreamed of that heat in the winter.

Arizona is HOT. Yes I hear all of you saying OMG he’s going to hate the heat. Umm no. I like the heat and it will be a welcome change from rain, grey, have I mentioned wet, Washington weather.

Now I just have to get my stuff to Arizona. That’s turning out to be interesting also. My good friend Doug has volunteered to drive the uHaul to Arizona with me so that’s a good thing. We hope to take three days to do the drive and then Doug (and his son who’s coming along) will rent a car and drive back to Washington. And then I’m on my own.

Ha not on my own as my other good friend, Lorinda (who you might recognize as my personal trainer) also lives in Tucson. I expect life to change in Arizona. I’ll try really hard to buckle down and finish this damn book, The Comicbook Detective, and then move on to more stories.

Yes Arizona is a major change in my life. Let’s do the math. I’ve lived in Washingotn since 1960-61 with a short break in 1975 of less than six months. So 1961 to 2021. Man that’s a lot of years. Almost my entire life. Now on to the rest of my life.

Arizona here I come! Well fifteen days from now the rubber is hitting the road. Adventure awaits.

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