So in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen some movies. A couple of first runs and a couple of dvd features. In the theatre I saw the new Star Trek and then Wolverine. I enjoyed StarTrek as the idea of starting back when the characters hadn’t been in Star Fleet at all or not very long was interesting and made for a different approach. I thought the guy who played Kirk did a great job and of course the actor who played Spock was awesome. It was a time travel story sort of but still worked on all levels. Wolverine was also good but in a different way, comic wise we’d seen most of it. The back story on Wolvie is quite a roller coaster ride but he has a lot of baggage. We get to see why he has no memory of his past life but they do take some liberties with the story. Overall I recommend both of these films.
Now over the weekend I saw Memoirs of a Geisha and Sweeny Todd. A drama and a bloody Johnny Depp/Tim Burton gore fest. Geisha was actually ok for a drama as we saw a young girl get sold into slavery by her sick (ill) and poor parents. The idea of course is the girl will be better off than she is with the poverty that surrounds her. The story runs time wise thru WWII and we get a look at a bit of Japanese society and the geisha in particular, hence the title. Then we come to Sweeny Todd, wow. I expected a bloodfest but not all of the gruesome and gory details that unfolded or shall I say splashed across the screen. Depp is once again in his element with a character that he can really bring to life. Yeah if you can take the spurting blood and other gross stuff I highly recommend this film. Oh by the way it’s a musical, with Depp and company singing their hearts out.

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