So, let’s skip ahead to today. 2022 is waiting to surprise us with new Marvel movies and comics. The new Spider-man movie just hit theaters and I’ll go see it once the hype dies down. I’m still following Covid protocols, which means I’d like to see the movie with as few as possible others. I’ll post a review (non-spoilers) here once I see it. 

But my history with Marvel Comics is ongoing. I may not read every Marvel comic, but I’ll go see every Marvel Comics movie when they come out.  

You may be asking (I don’t know maybe not) what happened to all of those comics I collected. Well, let’s just say I eventually outgrew the weekly visits and took a sabbatical. And don’t get me started on carrying those sixty some boxes around with me whenever I moved. Which is why in 2000 I declared I’d never move again once I bought my condo. Never say never, right? Because here I am in Tucson. This, I hope, is my last move. Did I bring all those comics with me? Nope I finally let them go. The nice thing about selling all those comics was they paid for my first writing class. Good return on my investment. And again, here we are in 2022. I’m back reading comics but mostly non Marvel comics. The independents have much more freedom and take chances that Marvel would probably balk at.  

But I’ll never forget that corner grocery store where I first saw my future. The adventure that spin rack with the Spider-man comic set me on was the greatest adventure of my life. And the adventure continues. 

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