Wow so I haven’t been here for a while and yet things are pretty much the same.  I’m having serious doubts about my job and am trying to rectify the situation but am failing somewhat.  I’m feeling consternation over changing jobs and it’s freaking me out.  Should I throw out the last 10 years and start over again?  Not sure if that’s the right decision but currently I’m still not happy.  Oh well gotta make a choice one way or the other.  I need to move forward in some fashion and not stay stagnant dreaming about the future.

I have become more consistant with exercise but still not losing any noticable weight.  I am hanging in there though as I know it will happen it’s just going slow as I’m older so my body burns calories much slower.  I now need to fine tune my eating habits and that’s like pulling teeth from a shark.

Alright not much to say really but it feels good to make my first entry for 2010! 

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