It’s seventeen minutes after the witching hour and you’re listening to Midnite2Six. I’m Alex, thanks for joining me. Let me take you for a ride and I promise you won’t see the inside of the trunk. You can even sit up front and talk with me. We’ll be going down some dark and winding roads but that’s the fun part as you can never tell what’s around the next corner in the dark.

The radio station is a two story building with the station on the second floor. The windows in the studio face the street. Which makes it fun to people watch while you’re on the air. At three o’clock in the morning that can be a blast. Across the street from the station is a niteclub that has a very popular dance club and awesome chinese food. The club is open until 4am but stops serving alcohol at two. The restaurant serves food until three am and delivers. I love won ton soup and they make some of the best I’ve ever sampled. At three o’clock in the morning there’s nothing better than won ton soup.

I’ve said in the past the “grave yard” shift is different because of the folks who listen. You get the party crowd, who are coming down from whatever high they have been enjoying. They are just trying to make it to their next destination, be it home or someone else’s home. Then there are the other over night workers, like Jerry or Cherie. This group is just looking for a way to make it through the night without too much boredom. I can normally help with that. I encourage phone calls, while laying down some hot tracks, as it also makes my night less boring. Talking to people at 3 in the morning can sometimes make me feel like a bartender, you know, someone who will listen to their troubles. I do listen and sometimes find that I can help some of them. Which is why I’ve started to worry a bit about Cherie (with a C) as I haven’t heard from her since that last phone call. It’s probably nothing as the graveyard shift is in constant flux, just look at Jerry. I’d like to hear from her though just for my peace of mind.

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