So after talking with Jerry about ghosts, I took a call from Cherie (with a C) who had called me a few nites before. She again wanted to discuss the music I was playing or rather not playing. We had a quite pleasant conversation and frankly I was a little heavy hearted when we hung up. During our chat we both did the “getting to know one another” thing, as she would ask where was I born and I’d ask if she’d lived here long. By the time she ended the call I’d learned that she was just getting off work. She worked at a bar four nights a week. For my part she picked up that I was 44 years old and had only been in one serious relationship that had ended painfully. Afterwards I was thinking that it might be fun to see if she actually existed or was a figment of my imagination. Maybe next time I’d ask her to coffee. Time for bed. I’m ON in less then 12 hours.

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