Just wanted to pop in and get this down before I went to bed for the day. I never thought I’d come back home. I was born and raised in this town and at the age of 20 I left. I thought greener pastures were out there and I was right. My childhood was pretty normal, I spent the majority of it watching TV. One of my favorite shows was a spy show ( I was into James Bond) called The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The really funny thing about that show was the fact that in the credits the producers thanked UNCLE for helping make the show possible. As a kid I believed that. Ah the power of Television. I remember when I figured out it was a phony I was disappointed but went to the library and started checking out books on the Secret Service and the FBI. I thought heavily about doing that as an adult.
Of course then 4th grade and the times tables entered my life and it was suddenly a whole ‘nother world. It’s interesting how one moment in time can change a person’s whole life.

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