When the sun goes down it seems like everything changes. The moon comes out and the stars start gleaming and before you know it there’s something in the air. People change, do stuff they’d never do in the light of day. Like the guy who sits at a desk all day talking to clients, selling them anything even if they don’t need it. His day ends and it’s time to relax. He goes to his favorite watering hole and has a couple of drinks. The alcohol kicks in and the next time you see him he’s trying to make the moves on women he’d never approach during the day. He starts acting all tough and the change happens because you can hide in the darkness and they can’t see you clearly.

That’s another reason why I like the graveyard shift even though it does get a bit weird sometimes. I mean what would you expect from a night time that everyone calls “graveyard”. Think about it and the first thing that comes to my mind is “eww dead people” Of course than you could take it a step further and see the fact that everyone who works this shift do come off quite often as “dead” people because of the disruption of the natural sleep pattern. Come on, sleep during the day and awake during the night? Now you know why I like the shift because I get to play music and talk to all the walking zombies out there. They mostly entertain me while I entertain them. And then there’s the call from my past. I will have to introduce my former on-air partner, from years ago, next time. The red lite is ON and so am I.

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