Been getting a lot of calls this morning and some rather weird ones. Which are the best kind IMO. Jerry called ( as he does most nites these days ) and we talked some more about his “visitations”. He says that the frequency (Kenneth?) of appearances have seemed to increase in recent days. I’m going to visit him my next off day. I picked up one of those disposable cameras so we’ll see what we see, if anything.
I’ve spoken with some lonely souls who call just to hear a kind voice and others who just can’t help it they gotta complain about something. Either the music sucks or the musician should focus on the style from the last CD or you know why would that band tour with this other band. I hadn’t heard from Cherie (with a C)(sorry that’s how she ID’s herself on the phone) for a few days and having not heard the sound of her voice I was questioning my previous thoughts. Was she cute, was she interested in me, am I crazy for getting involved with a “ear muff”? Then the phone rang. With the sound of her voice, I forgot all of those misgivings and felt a bit light headed. Crap, I got it good! We talked our usual and she mentioned that her shift wasn’t quite over yet so she’d better go. At that point I heard a gruff voice yell at her, “Who the hell are you talking to??!!” Without a good-bye she hung up the phone. I wasn’t too concerned but hoped she didn’t get into trouble. And shortly I completely forgot about it as I took a call from Walter, a regular, who liked to discuss the merits of a particular band and where they were going and what the h&%$ was their manager thinking.
OMG I love my job.

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