So it looks like I am back to blogging here.  I plan on returning to the original concept of this blog which was based on Seinfeld which makes this a blog about nothing.  :) 

As I get further done the Route 66 of retirement I’m starting to feel like I’m retired. Trying to build new habits and doing away with the old ones that no longer apply. Also working on creating a new approach to things that used to be dictated by a 9-5 workday.

So for now I’m trying to go to the gym or walk outdoors or once the weather gets better ride my bike.  I’m trying to get to the range more and actually practice my shooting, rather than going once or twice a month and expecting that I’ll get better.  

This should be an occasional entry as I try to revive my other blogs also.  

Well there we go.  It’s back and I’m looking forward to being inspired to again write stuff that most of you won’t be that interested in but possibly you will.  :)

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