I wanted to get this down before it lost it’s craziness. I just got off the phone with Jerry (the mini mart guy who see’s ghosts) and he was telling me that in the last hour (3am) he was stocking the cooler and he heard a noise up front and when he went to the head of the aisle no one was there. Which didn’t surprise him as he hears a lot of noises and never see’s anything So he goes back to stocking the shelves and then feels a cold draft and looks right at a woman dressed like she just stepped out of the 20’s. She had that flapper look, bobbed hair and long necklaces with a short shiny dress and she was walking down the aisle and ignoring Jerry. He spoke to her and she didn’t seem to acknowledge him. She then turned the corner and he ran down to the end and she was gone.

Wow just wow. I’m going to Google the town’s paranormal happenings and see if there’s an explanation. I might also do a search and try to determine what was in the mini mart’s place before it.

Oh ya I luv a good ghost story and if it’s real that’s even better. Of course I will admit that it scares the crap outa me and yet I’m drawn to them. I think of it as human nature. How often when you walk into a dark room do you search for a light switch? Most people can relate a story where they would swear a ghost was a possibility.

Ok well my song is ending and it’s time for a commercial break. Oh ya tonite’s topic just became ghosts and do you believe in them. I hope Casper is listening.

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