We all do it. Driving that is. In the US there are 287 million automobiles. And here in Arizona the car is very much a part of the daily routine. Tucson contains 226 sq miles filled with half a million residents. Those residents need their cars as those 226 sq miles are spread out. It takes at least thirty minutes to get from the southeast side of Tucson to the northwest side of the city. At least thirty minutes and depending on the traffic it could take upward of forty-five. So in Tucson we spend a lot of time in our cars.
The drivers here are practicing for the Indy 500 or at least it seems like it. Woe to those who don’t hit the gas as soon as the stoplight changes. The horns will let you know the light is green DAMMIT! And the speed limit signs are just suggestions to only be followed at your peril. The race has commenced.
I’ve learned to ignore any bad driving, even my own. Adaptation is the key. Drive with the traffic and don’t worry about the Popo. They don’t seem to be interested in excessive speed demons. Of course if five-O does clock you, hell has frozen over and pigs will be drifting amongst the clouds.
And now that I’ve revealed this secret I can probably expect to be pulled over. Not that I think the Tucson police are monitoring my blog. Right?

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