Haven’t been getting much sleep the last few days. I’m researching ghost sightings in the area. Between the internet and the local library, I’ve found that this town has it’s share of sighting. The building that the mini market is in does have a history that lends itself to the possibility of hauntings. Jerry and I have agreed to meet on Sunday nite. His shift starts at 11:30pm so I will show up around midnite. HAHA Who ya gonna call? I plan on spending as much time there as is necessary. I have a digital recorder and I’ve changed my mind about the disposable camera and picked up a video camera. Why not? if we actually get a visitation then I want video!Haven’t heard from Cherie since that last call. As I have mentioned I hope she didn’t get in trouble. The voice that was questioning her sounded pissed. Hmmm wonder if it was her boss or a boyfriend? As you might guess I’m rooting for boss.Ok, I’ve done as much as possible towards a successful recording of a ghostly presence at the mini mart. I’m taking the rest of the day to sleep and get ready for tonite’s show. It’s getting close to time and then I’m ON the Radio.

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