Continuing the story of how I broke my leg, I have listened to the audio tape I remembered to switch on as we approached the third floor. Here is the transcript of that incident. ….{sound of footsteps walking up stairs}…”Here we are going live for the search for the Ghost in the Building”….{we hear a voice in the background}…”Really”…..{Me}…”No not really”….{voice}…”Oh”……

The second floor was dotted with doors, each one an office with a potential story. As we walked down the hall heading for the stairwell leading to the third floor the air seemed cooler than before. We checked each door as we went hoping to “flush” out the spirits that lived here. Most of the doors were locked as the businesses were closed for the evening. Of the few that were unlocked we cautiously entered and looked around. We expected something to jump out at us but no such luck. Heading up the stairs to the third floor I started to feel my heart beat a little faster as the research I had done indicated that the third floor was where we should expect some spirits. A room from the time the building was a hotel was where a murder had been committed. I felt that that was what was causing the sightings Jerry was experiencing.
We were starting to see wisps of our breath in the flash light beams and I was feeling quite a chill now. The hair on the back of my neck was starting to rise as we left the sanctuary of the stairwell. We both jumped when the door creaked as we opened it. Upon entering the hallway of the third floor we saw that there were no lights working. All the light we had were from our flashlights. I was following Jerry when I felt a slight touch on my back, when I turned around there was nothing there. Nerves. It was spooky but then again I shouldn’t have been surprised. We advanced down the hallway trying doors as we went. The room where the murder had been committed was at the other end of the hallway. We were about half way there when out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a flicker of color but when I looked, nothing. Even though I didn’t see anything I still felt like I’d seen something. We were almost at the door of the room when my flashlight went out and then things got really crazy. I have to stop here for a minute and just say, what I’m about to tell you will be hard to believe. I hardly believe it and I was there. I’m not making this up. I’m not punking you and I have a broken leg to prove it. It was a scene right out of Ghostbusters, Jerry was in front of me and he screamed as an image that reminded me of a….well let’s go to the audio transcript again…{Jerry’s voice, nervous laughter}…”Oh….JEEZ WHAT’S THAT!”….{a scream of terror, sounds of running and then the crash, bump, smack sound of a body falling down stairs and cry’s of pain}

Later Jerry visited me in the hospital and we dance around what happened. He asks me what I saw and I ask him what he saw and so on. He finally tells me that it must have just been our nerves and the flashlights going out. He got scared and ran. My thoughts go in another direction though as I’m sure I saw a glowing figure of a woman with a butcher knife in her hand. And she was heading for us. Jerry tells me he quit his job at the mini-mart and is leaving town. He is heading for the big city, Los Angeles. He’s hoping to maybe try his hand at acting. I wish him well. One thing I keep to myself from that night though is I can clearly feel a hand pushing me down the stairs as we were running away. Frankly I didn’t look back to see whose hand it was.

After I got out of the hospital I did some more research on the building. I discovered that the murdered woman wasn’t actually murdered but was the murderer. Her lover had stepped out on her and she didn’t take kindly to that. I guess the wrath of a woman scorned supercedes death.

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