Dayzee’s head is throbbing as Dayzee stumbles out of bed.   Dayzee has got to stop drinking that dwarven mead. For a minute Dayzee panics as Dayzee tries to remember why she is here in Relkins Folly. Which for those keeping track is the only town in this land of Relkins Reach.

So how, you may ask did Dayzee end up in Relkins Reach when just two weeks ago Dayzee was out enjoying an evening of drinking Absalom dry. Absalom is the center of the world on Golarion. Or at least that will be what any resident will tell you if asked. The city is at the heart of the Starstone Isle, which history says was raised from beneath the Inner Seas by Aroden as his first official deific act. You want to know more? Take a history class in school. Dayzee doesn’t have time to explain it. Back to Dayzee’s story.
It was a typical night for Dayzee. Dayzee had grown up in Absalom, specifically the Puddles and was having fun in the “big” city. Those of us from the Puddles always referred to the dry part of Absalom as the big city because there was no dodging of structures attempting to sink or fall into the wet around us. And don’t get Dayzee started on the smell. Everything was fine at the Soggy Piper that evening until that alchemist decided Dayzee was flirting with him, in error Dayzee must add, and he drank his Giant form elixir. He then tried to force himself on Dayzee’s body without her consent. Another error on his part. The alchemist then didn’t take kindly to Dayzee’s comment about compensating and that’s when things got ugly. Dayzee figures they are still picking pieces of him out of the ceiling.
Dayzee decided that due to this misunderstanding along with some other incidents that this log will ignore, it wasn’t Dayzee’s fault that Dwarf got in the way when Dayzee was trying out the new Fireball spell. The beard will grow back. Its not like the dwarf lost a limb. Because that’s never happened when Dayzee was testing a new spell. But Dayzee has strayed from the reason she is now nursing a hangover in an inn in a new land. After the Soggy Piper incident Dayzee sensed some animosity, so having learned at a young age when to duck and dodge Dayzee grabbed her adventuring gear and headed for the docks looking for a quick way out of town. Along the way to the docks Dayzee was feeling a bit parched and entered the Bloody Bucket to slack that thirst. One thing led to another and the next thing Dayzee knew Dayzee was on a ship headed for Relkins Reach. Can Dayzee say right now that Dayzee has never heard of Relkins Reach but that might be a good thing. If there were any pursuers of Dayzee they’d never think to look for Dayzee in a place no one has ever heard of. That’s Dayzee’s story and she’s sticking to it. Speaking of the story, let’s continue with the narrative.

As Dayzee wobbled down the stairs to breakfast she groaned dredging up the conversation with the innkeeper from last night. Something about honey and alchemists assistant?  Ah crap not alchemists again. Dayzee remembers she agreed to help out. Once again dwarven mead causes Dayzee trouble. Better find her fellow adventurers. Sitting at a table in the common room Dayzee sees a dwarf sitting at a table with another elf and a halfling. They seem to be friends and Dayzee notices that they all have day packs and weapons strapped to various parts of their bodies. This must be the adventuring group Dayzee drunkenly offered to accompany. Now Dayzee is sure as the dwarf is waving at her. Taking a quick chug from her flask, Dayzee approaches the table,

“Hello fellow adventurers….Sorry Dayzee is messing with you. She needs her morning, err, coffee. What did Dayzee agree to again?”

“Ho, faithful companion,” the Dwarf says setting down his flagon,
“Well met. We are off to rescue a fair maiden from the clutches of an evil wizard.”

At that rather bold bit of exposition Dayzee starts to choke on her drink,

“Whaat? Dayzee thought it was something about honey gathering with a small possibility of running into some bees? No fair maidens or evil wizards were mentioned. How much is Dayzee getting paid again?”

At this point Dayzee sees the Elf shaking his head with that frown she has seen many times in the past. Dayzee seems to bring confusion to her interactions with adventurers quite often. But being a stoic elf no words emerge to cover Dayzee in scorn. The halfling just giggles as most halflings do when presented with a moment they find amusing. The rest of us quite often don’t but that’s halflings for you. Always finding humor when there is none and wouldn’t be appropriate anyway. The innkeeper seeing the table has filled up approaches us and as he wipes the non existent bread crumbs from the table says,

“I see you all are here. As I said last night I could use some of the honey from the north-eastern region of Relkins. I’m willing to pay silver for every jar you can return with.” He continues to tell us to head for the coast in a northern direction and then turn east where the woods meet the mountains? He had Dayzee at silver and frankly Dayzee had stopped listening after that. Dayzee hopes her companions listened better than she did.

“Any questions?” The innkeeper eyes us all as he continues to wipe the table which by now is definitely clear of any bread crumbs and is starting to show some wood grain from all the forceful wiping.

“Dayzee has a question that is bothering her. There seems to be some talk of a fair maiden and an evil wizard involvement with this honey run?”

“Oh, don’t believe that rumor,” the innkeeper quickly looks around and lowers his voice, “There’s nothing to worry about, just bring back the honey and everything will be fine.” And with that he grabs his bar towel and abruptly heads back to the bar.

“Happy now?” the Elf asks with a scowl on his face. Dayzee can tell this one is going to be annoying. Dayzee refuses to go out into the wilderness without proper supplies. There will most likely not be a tavern or inn in the vicinity of the honey and Dayzee will need fortifying after spending a day trekking with her companions. Especially this elf. Once the day flask, the backup flask and the emergency flask are refilled Dayzee is ready. It seems the others are impatiently waiting. Dayzee notices that none of her companions have stocked up and vows to ignore any request to partake of her supplies. Fat chance of that and boy won’t they be surprised when Dayzee refuses to share!

After traveling up the coast and into flat rolling hills to the east, during which time there was time for getting to know each of my companions. Turns out, Dayzee had learned, that the dwarf was a cleric, good Dayzee hates to die, the halfling is a rogue with some woodcraft, and horrors the elf is an alchemist. Dayzee is keeping an eye on the elf. If he reaches for a Giant form vial Dayzee is going to bust a cap in the dudes head. Dayzee is shocked to hear that none of her fellow adventurers are running from wicked deeds or mistakes made somewhere else. Dayzee is now suspicious of each of them. What is their motive in coming to this rather back water continent? Only time will tell Dayzee is sure. After a few hours of tramping up and down the hilly terrain we see a short tower and a small structure just above the tree line off in the distance. It looks to be still an hour or so away. After the rogue found some tracks heading in that general direction we set out, hoping there was some honey in our future.
As we get closer to the tower suddenly out of nowhere, bee’s. Crap, I think I hate bee’s.  Yes Dayzee is aware there were going to be bees but she was hoping they were a rumor just like the evil wizard. But she likes the silver Dayzee is getting for the jars of honey she’s bringing back.They don’t seem to be bothering us though and we continue towards the tower where the innkeeper said to find the best honey. We start gathering honey into the small jars he’s provided. Hmm the bees are starting to get aggressive as we get closer to the tower. As a matter of fact Dayzee is having to swat the bees due to the fact they are now swarming around her. We can now see that there is a small hut like structure and a separate tower standing next to the hut and the hut seems to be covered in a beehive. That seems a bit alarming. The bees are really swarming around us and the air is filled with a soft buzzing which Dayzee realizes has risen in intensity as we get closer to the tower. Looking to escape the bees the dwarf points at a dark opening in the honeycomb covered building and shouts,
So into the dark beehive we go. Entering the darkened one room building the bees don’t follow us but we can see them gathering at the “door” of the structure. Dayzee wonders for a moment why the bees don’t follow us. She then realizes she’s thirsty and pulls out her back up flask, having finished the day flask a few miles ago. That elf was really beginning to bother her. Pausing between sips, okay gulps, Dayzee makes note of a dark corner containing a staircase leading down into the earth below the building. Dayzee isn’t real interested in descending into the underworld so decides to keep quiet. Unfortunately then the rogue spots the stairs,
“Look! Stairs leading down. Maybe it’s a way out avoiding the bees?” The halfling says while moving to the opening. With a giggle. Halflings.
Everyone agrees despite Dayzee’s objections and we proceed to navigate the dark and crumbling steps. After reaching the bottom with no mishaps, well maybe a small mishap,  It’s not Dayzee’s fault. That handrail looked weak but Dayzee tripped while chugging some mead. How was Dayzee to know it was a trap? She’s not a rogue. Good thing we had a cleric. The wounds healed nicely. Dayzee hopes though they won’t leave a scar. Dayzee’s beauty is her ticket to free drinks. Hasn’t worked yet but someday. Also, Dayzee didn’t appreciate the elf’s comment about rubbing dirt on it. Looking around the room the stairs led us to, we see two openings. One is covered in more honeycomb and the other leads off into darkness. As we still need honey for the innkeeper we fill all of our jars and move through the doorway, avoiding any bees that seem to be hovering there. This new chamber is eerily lit by glowing spots on the walls and then we see an elf-like creature standing by the opposite wall. As we were being quiet she doesn’t seem to notice us and we slowly back away. By mutual but silent agreement we check out the other doorway and decide to try to escape this horror we’ve gotten ourselves into, hoping for the best. The hallway is leading us in the general direction of the tower.
“Do you think,” everyone glares at Dayzee shushing her, “there is stairs leading to the tower so we can get the hell out of here?” Lowering her voice, Dayzee asks in a whisper.
“How would we know?” The elf glares and keeps moving through the dark passage. Dayzee is really starting to not like this elf. The hallway then splits into two. One direction leads towards the tower and the other splits off in the opposite direction. Being adventurers we turn to the path away from the tower.
“Wait. Dayzee objects to this direction. Why aren’t we getting the hell out of here?”
“Would you be quiet!” Again the elf glares at Dayzee.
“Dayzee is just,”
“Quiet!” Everyone rolls their eyes. If they keep that up, one of these days they’ll be able to see behind themselves with out turning their heads. As we continue in silence we see that eerie glow again and then through a doorway, a couple of the elf-like creatures but as statues. They seem to be exact replicas of the other creature but neither was having a good hair day. By a show of hands, Dayzee started to say something and was given the hand signal indication that if she said a word there was going to be trouble, it was decided to not proceed and we turned around, heading back the way we came. Much to Dayzee’s relief. After looking into that room with those statues at the end of the corridor Dayzee will just say she feels no shame for NOT entering that chamber. Those statues looked scary. We then took the other fork and of course it lead to a stairway leading up into the tower’s first floor. It was an open concept type of floor plan. Hey stop smirking, Dayzee is more than drinking and carousing. Dayzee wants a home and so has attended some seminars back home concerning home decorating. And it just wasn’t because there was an open bar. So the bell tower was visible from the ground floor. The crystal bell was beckoning to the us but Dayzee put her foot down and demanded that we return with our honey.

Dodging the bees, we headed back to town to adventure another day.  25 silver richer and my life. That’s a good day in my book.

See I knew my companions listened better than I did.


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