Here I start the new Dayzee stories. If you’re familair with my Patreon you may recognize this story. Don’t worry that story was a framework for this story that I’ll be sharing with you. Let’s get into it now. And just to be clear there is a continuing story that is only on Patreon. It’s called A Witch walks into a Bar, but you gotta subscribe to my Patreon to view this awesome story. (insert grin emoji here)

Dayzee, to this day, isn’t sure how it happened, but when she woke up that morning, not only would she be attending a wedding, but she’d be a bridesmaid. Frankly, her biggest concern in that moment was battling her hangover. The blazing afternoon sun forcing its way through the windows wasn’t making her recovery any easier.

With her eyes tightly closed against the scorching sun, she rolled over and drew the bed clothes over her head. “Dayzee hopes the aftereffect of all those Fireball’s goes away soon. Her head is about to explode.”

Certainly, Dayzee was being dramatic. We can forgive her though. Or rather we’d better forgive her, otherwise she might turn us into a toad. And yes, she does have a spell for that. Just one of many in her repertoire. Let’s rejoin our story in progress.

Dragging herself out from under the warm and protective comforter, Dayzee stumbled to the kitchen and rummaged around looking for something, anything, to ease the hangover. Her discovery of a half full bottle of rum in the cupboards, elicited a triumphant yell.

“Yes!” She almost dropped the bottle from the blinding jolt her shout caused. “Aarrgh.” In deference to the pain, she whispered, “Dayzee’s head is going to split if she keeps bellowing like that.”

With a gulp straight from the bottle she sighed, “Hair of the dog.” Her grimace belied the relief she felt from the alcohol. “Dayzee’s feeling better already.” Carrying the bottle with her to her bedroom closet, she began to dress for the day.

Still unaware of her soon to be uncomfortable participation in a wedding, she donned her adventuring gear. Over the leather catsuit, which afforded her unrestricted movement when needed—to be fair she looked good in it too—she shrugged into her grey leather trench coat. The trench coat was equipped with magical pockets that held her back up spell scrolls. Pulled on her favorite knee-high leather boots—there is a method to her attire—and adjusted her fedora. Refilled her everyday flask with rum and made sure her back up flask was full as well. The emergency backup flask held Fireball. She was now ready to begin her day. Granted it was after noon but for Dayzee that was an early start.

As the journey commenced Dayzee lifted her face to the sun and basked in its warmth. Chiding herself for sleeping in and missing much of the day…

Sorry, reading that last bit regarding Dayzee chiding herself, made me laugh. You would never see Dayzee before mid-morning. It was kinda her mantra. Never start the day before elevenses.

Her room was a few blocks from her destination. Her first port of call was The NeverEnding Inn.

On any given day you would find Dayzee sitting at her personal table. The NeverEnding Inn had a call board for adventurers. You could find all manner of requests for sell swords. Mercenaries. Rookie fortune hunters. Dayzee was no rookie. She’d been on many adventures, dangerous and profitable. And she was here today for that very reason, profit, due to her coin purse being dangerously light. It was never a good thing when she had to drink the “house” booze. And that was quickly becoming a concern when she hefted her coins in one hand. A handful of coins was never a good thing in Dayzee’s world.

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