The small group of adventurers stood impatiently waiting for Dayzee. At least that’s what Dayzee assumed. Each member was either tapping their feet or pacing back and forth in a small line made obvious by the trench that had formed during their pacing.

“Finally.” The halfling rogue snorted upon Dayzee’s arrival. The other two members of the group nodded in agreement. Dayzee was familiar with the group. She’d ventured into the wilderness with each of them individually and collectively. They were also kinda annoying. Dayzee put up with the annoyance because she could count on them to have her back. Especially when the dice didn’t fall exactly the way she’d hoped or expected.

“Yes. Dayzee is here but before we leave town she needs to pick up the wedding cake. The bakery is just down the street.” Not waiting for the rest of the group to follow her, Dayzee struck out for the bakery. There were grumbles but they followed her.

Entering the bakery, the Gnome’s Delight, amid the pleasant smell of baked goods, including gingerbread cookies and chocolate cakes Dayzee made a beeline for the counter—she wanted to get this done and over.

“Dayzee is here to pick up a wedding cake for the Smitty wedding.”

“Oh yes, we’ve been waiting for you. It’s all wrapped up. You’ll need to be careful when carrying it.” The gnome baker turned to a curtain enclosure and yelled, “Bring out the Smitty wedding cake. They’re here for it.” Pulling aside the curtain with a magician-like flourish, two gnomes carried a tall ornate box that Dayzee could have stood up in without bending and struggled to set it on the counter.

The dwarf fighter scoffed, “Galloping gremlins! How are we going to transport that?” The others nodded in agreement.

“Please be rigorous in your care of this cake. It’s been quite the project and we’d hate to hear it didn’t arrive intact.” The gnome baker’s frown embraced Dayzee in its uncertainty.

“Not to worry, Dayzee has it under control.” She began performing a spell she’d prepared just for this mission. As a glow surrounded her hand gestures, the glow streamed from Dayzee’s hands to the huge cake box. Once the glow had engulfed the cake there was a “POP” and the box shrunk to the size of small jewelry box.

“Great Caesar’s Ghost! What did you do?!” The gnome shouted.

The smile on Dayzee’s face gave way to a hearty chuckle. “Dayzee said not to worry she’s got this. Once the cake arrives at the wedding she’ll cast enlarge and the cake will revert to its momentous size, safe and sound. Dayzee shall deposit the cake in her special bag where it will be out of harm’s way in an extradimensional space. You can be secure in the knowledge that Dayzee will bring the wedding cake to the venue.”

Leading the group back to the outskirts of town there was an argument between the rogue and the others about the direction the adventurers should go. 

“That’s just weird.” The rogue said. “Dayzee remembers which way to go? Are we sure?”

“That’s hurtful.” The narrow gleam in Dayzee’s eyes pinned the rogue, who ducked his head to avoid her threatening gaze. “Dayzee will admit she doesn’t remember the rest of the way. We can debate the trail on the way.”

“Erm okay. Let’s follow Dayzee’s directions for now.” The gnome bard added, “I think I can help figure out the path after we get out of town.”

“Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves? We’re on a timeline so I say we need to get this party started.” The goblin ranger began walking out of town. He looked back over his shoulder at the group standing around. Together, with shrugs all around, they followed the goblin.

After traveling for most of the day, it was late afternoon, and for the last few hours had been sloshing through a marsh. Out of the blue, inexplicable sounds could be heard. The party stopped and gathered for a conference. No one was in an exploratory mood but…

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