“Dayzee, good to see you’re still among the living. Mother will be glad to know you’re okay and able to pay your tab. When you left last night it was debatable.”

Gentle reader, Dayzee would never intentionally skip out on a bar bill. Afterall if she did, it would make life difficult.

He reached under the bar and pulled out an envelope. “Here, this arrived with the cockcrow.” The dwarven bartender held out a plain white envelope. The envelope was sparkly and when she took the message a tiny spark stung Dayzee’s fingers.

“Yowch.” Dayzee instinctively jerked away from the spark and the envelope floated to the floor. “William Shatner! What the Fraggle rock?” She circumspectly reached for the dropped packet. It had stopped sparking once her hand had touched it.

Her curiosity was piqued and upon opening the flap there was a flash. Dayzee started to cast a spell, but she calmed down when she saw the full image.

Hovering in the air was a gnome female dressed in regal attire. Dayzee’s lips danced around a smile at the simulacrum. The two women had met on an adventure. They survived, barely, and somehow the gnome, Molly, decided Dayzee was one of her closest girlfriends.

No, not that kind of girlfriend, a friend who was a girl. Get your mind out of the gutter. Dayzee still wasn’t sure how this came about. Dayzee didn’t have many, okay none, of those kinds of girlfriends. Even though in Dayzee’s instance the gnome could have been the other kind of girlfriend. Dayzee had begrudgingly accepted Molly into her circle. Actually, more like, Molly wouldn’t take no for an answer. Normally Dayzee would react to that kind of attention with a Fireball, but Molly was gently persuasive.

The image smiled and began, “Dayzee, I hope this missive finds you well. I have a special request for you. You may remember that I was engaged to marry Smitty. Well, the day has arrived and I’d very much like you to be a part of my special day. Please consider this a heartfelt invitation to be a bridesmaid in the wedding. Please. I know you are probably rolling your eyes at this, but I’d be devastated if you declined my invitation.” Then the image faded back into the envelope and a “yes or no” button appeared on the outside of the envelope.

“Merlin’s beard! Dayzee was hoping Molly wouldn’t remember Dayzee. She’s never been in a wedding and for good reason. It’s a tricky thing. Dayzee should decline but Smitty and Molly were good to her.” With a groan Dayzee touched the “yes” button and when she did the envelope grew wings and flew away.

The dwarven bartender had witnessed the entire episode and Dayzee shot him a glare. In a panic he mumbled an apology and moved a few feet down the bar.

Studiously ignoring Dayzee’s discomfort, he focused on a mysterious spot where none had been before, hoping to avoid Dayzee’s wrath.

“That’s right you better mind your own business. Nothing to see here.” She downed her drink in one gulp, turned, and walked up to the adventurer’s board.

She could be heard muttering about the inequities of life while looking for a way to rebuild her coin purse.

A familiar voice spoke up from behind her, “Finally. I’ve been searching in all your favorite haunts. Hurry up, we’ve got to go.”

Dayzee turned and spied an adventuring friend—coincidentally the groom from the wedding she was dreading.

It was evident from the expression on Dayzee’s face she had no clue why Smitty was so wound up in trying to find her.

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