Okay. Before we get started here, Dayzee feels like this is an important stage of Dayzee’s life. Dayzee would like to call attention to her story and say she is okay with how things have gone. So, if Dayzee changes don’t take it personal. Dayzee doesn’t care, so don’t take it personal.
Dayzee isn’t sure how this happened but as stated Dayzee is a flower girl for Smitty’s wedding. Just because Dayzee did something heroic Molly the bride rewarded(?) Dayzee the honor (the bride’s words) of being in the wedding party. It’s finally time, Dayzee isn’t sure how happy she is about this but decides to go as there may be gifts for the wedding party and Dayzee is all about gifts. Actually, anything she didn’t have to give up silver or heaven forbid gold! Yes, gifts are good.

Heading out of town there is some uncertainty about the direction we should go. Dayzee remembers that we should head towards the thicket where we first met Smitty and then head in a different direction. What direction was that you inquire? Dayzee wasn’t’ again paying attention but I’m sure one of Dayzee’s companions knows Moving on and now into the salt marsh we hear some voices but are unable to discern their intent. We cautiously move forward after our goblin ranger friend scouts ahead Dayzee for some reason beyond understanding slips forward with the ranger. We sneak up on a grizzly scene. Dayzee hears the unintelligible words that two grey skinned Boggarts (one of them has to be named Humphrey) as articulating. Also, they are eating another Boggart who seems to be alive during this. Wanting to get a better look the ranger signals Dayzee to go back to our other companion and let them know what is happening. Dayzee does this only because it seemed to be the best method to keep from being killed.
Returning to our dwarf friend, the attack proceeds. Dayzee contributed. Dayzee is happy to kill undead boggarts. The third boggart is also dead but not undead. Dayzee suggests destroying the carcass of the dead/live boggart and since the group has no fire Dayzee spends time Acid Splashing the corpse. Dayzee has noted this action as the most boring and time-consuming plan she has ever let herself be talked into All the boggarts have a totem around their necks. It is a small bag of salt. Signifying that they are from the Salt Marsh clan. Doesn’t mean a thing to Dayzee but she makes a note of it. It goes into her memory palace where it will be available to her at a moment’s notice. Okay moving on we eventually arrive at the wedding location but not before being accosted about our intentions. Two furryish creatures popped out of thin air (I was startled hence the awesome physical descriptions of these guards) and after showing Dayzee’s invitation the guards allowed Dayzee and her companions to enter the Vale. And what an awesome wedding party. Yes, it was a party Open bar and Dayzee is all about that. Behind the bar is that crazy tree person that Dayzee and some others met one of the last times Dayzee was in the vicinity. The tree person acknowledges Dayzee and Dayzee pretends to not notice thus avoiding another confrontation where something is said about not learning people’s names and Dayzee saying it don’t matter as they’ll all be dead before her.

Stopping in at the bride’s tent, in a circle of tents all different sizes and designs, the bride exhibits bouts of happiness at our arrival and some dismay about who is attending. At the question of a problem she does what all women do. She indicates there is nothing to worry about as Smitty is a good leprechaun and a good man. She gifts us a box and thanks us for watching out for Smitty last time he got into trouble. Dayzee tries to not look too anxious, as she wants to see what she scored. Next the group heads to the groom’s tent Smitty is there and just finished dressing. He’s garbed in boots that end just below his knees, his lower half is covered in what would be considered pants but more in the style of parachute pants and if you are not familiar as to what Dayzee speaks, research, research is your friend, with a short jacket and a bearded smile and a mischievous look in his eye. He welcomes us and he gives us a gift for attending his wedding. Dayzee feels no remorse in the fact she had grabbed flowers along the way as her wedding gift to Smitty. Once again, no gold left Dayzee’s hand and in her hand are two gifts. Makes sense to Dayzee.

The ceremony starts and at the stupid part (why get married if someone is going to object) imagine that someone objects.

Grandma doesn’t approve this wedding. Bam! We all wake up in a bottle. Yes, a bottle. It’s very uncomfortable for Dayzee as she isn’t good in crowds. Alright gonna gloss over what happened here because Dayzee is having a moment. {time passes} Alright it seems we have been able to remove ourselves from the bottle It also seems we are not ourselves as in we are very small. Very small. The end of the table is so far away Dayzee can see the curvature of the earth. Then shit starts to get real. We are climbing down the table leg so we can find the ruby(?) that the dwarf says is holding us here in this form. Dayzee isn’t sure where that is coming from, but anything is better than having to fight another spider familiar. Yes, that is what was waiting for us once we escaped the bottle nightmare.
We entered what seemed to be an orange forest but in fact was a shag carpet from the 70’s. To us though it was a forest of enormous thick strands standing tall and proud. We met some forest creatures, satyrs, and learned they had been shrunk just like us and had lived in the orange forest for generations. We told them we were here to defeat the hag that had done this. They offered us a guide. This guide was helpful, but his eyes betrayed his fear of death. An understandable fear considering the circumstances. His people had many times failed at what we were attempting. Hence the fact he was, let’s say, concerned. Dayzee understands but that’s life and being small isn’t Dayzee’s idea of a life goal.
As our group plus one enters the final leg of the journey, we come upon a clearing with two stands of fruit and two fruit sellers. At first glance Dayzee shakes her head and then agrees with her eyes. Yes, the two sellers look exactly like Dayzee. Curious. Since Dayzee wouldn’t trust Dayzee as fair as Dayzee could throw Dayzee, Dayzee immediately launches an electric bolt through the two imposters. As one of the Dayzee’s goes down the other changes into our dwarven friend. As Dayzee witnesses this in front of her eyes she continues to attack the apparition. Sending crossbow bolts singing into the creature. Then out of nowhere a giant fruit counter rears up and attacks! Much battle ensues and we are victorious. Dayzee heals her companions. They thank her but Dayzee is just covering her bases. If they stay up the bad creatures won’t attack Dayzee.
Continuing towards what we are assured, by our guide, is the sleeping quarters of the hag that has cursed us.

Entering the sleeping area, we see the ruby up out of reach on the nightstand. Remember Dayzee and her companions are small. The nightstand might as well be Mt Vesuvius for all that we can reach the top. Also, there is a giant spider waiting at the top. Again, much violence and personal injury occurred. Once again Dayzee has chosen her companions wisely. We are victorious. Our victory dance was short lived though as we attempt to stab an ebony dagger (don’t ask it’s a long story) into the heart of the ruby, we are attacked by two hags. Not the mother of all hags but two sisterly type hags. Even so though they still tried to kill us. Not sure why but they were at the wedding along with the Bitch Hag that was responsible for our predicament. As the battle raged the ruby was sundered and we all ended up fighting to the death. It was not without injury but in the end, we overcame the odds and gained victory
With a crushing blow to the ruby our stature, along with everyone else’s grew to our accustomed space in the aether…
Having been successful in our defense of our physical forms and the return of the entire wedding party’s selves, we were heroes and cool people.
The bride’s mother, Helen, declared us Friends of the Fey and she says now there is possible repercussions from this, so she offered Dayzee the chance to expand herself. Dayzee thought it would be a kick in the pants and quickly agreed to stay and study to enrich her ability to protect herself. That was on the inside. On the outside Dayzee questions the validity of the training and teacher. Helen informs Dayzee that she, Helen, would be the teacher and would commit to helping others fight her mother. Dayzee agrees that satisfied her and she would volunteer to undertake this new direction for the sake of others.
Helen transports us back to the wedding party clearing and the wedding proceeds to its inevitable conclusion, dancing. Dayzee has never understood this concept of rubbing one’s body on the body of another similar recipient, unless it’s for distraction. The others do seem to be enjoying this rubbing of bodies together. Dayzee may have to look into this. Anyway, the after rave was quite. Yes, quite.

Dayzee feels strange all of a sudden. She blinks out of existence, but no one notices as they are too busy dancing. It’s almost as if Dayzee has gone into a fun house mirror and stepped back out looking not quite teh same but the same. She has an air about her that has an aura of mischief and mayhem. She seems as the same Dayzee but with an appreciation for the aether around us. As the scene fades to black there is a low giggle followed by a chortle and then fading away completely there is a sinister cackle.

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