“Oh boy you were drunker than we thought. Alright let me go over this one more time. Last night you agreed to escort the wedding cake. Molly assured me that you could handle this. Now come on, the bakery is wanting the cake out of their hair. It’s kinda big.” Smitty reached out to take her arm, but a sense of self-preservation kicked in. He caught Dayzee’s eye and jerked his hand back—be afraid, very afraid.

“Smart. Dayzee doesn’t remember any of this. Smitty better not be messing with her. Can you please,” the please was delivered with a fiery red glint in her eyes you never want to see aimed at you, “use words with two or fewer syllables to explain yourself. And if Dayzee were you, she’d make sure the sentences were short.” She crossed her arms and started tapping her left foot. Should we say the tap wasn’t a leisurely tap.

Smitty’s pale expression had moved to a less sickly look but still not his usual ruddy complexion.

“Erm okay. Molly feels like your actions were heroic, during our last adventure, and she wants to reward you.” Dayzee perked up at the mention of reward. She realized there may be gifts for the wedding party and Dayzee is all about gifts. Yes, gifts are good. Maybe being a bridesmaid won’t be as annoying as it seemed.

“Molly’s honored, her words, that you volunteered to escort the wedding cake.  But you need to get going. It’s a good day’s journey. Without any complications.”

“Dayzee will need to pack for this excursion. She doesn’t travel without her flask of Fireball, and she supposes she’ll need a change of clothes. Dayzee will meet you at the town’s edge in an hour.”

“That’s fine I’ll tell the others. I won’t be traveling with you as I have more errands to run here in town. I’ll join you back at the wedding camp. Be careful with the cake. Molly will kill us both if it’s damaged in transport. And no sampling!”

He turned and stormed out leaving Dayzee to her task. As much as she didn’t want the responsibility, she still felt a smidge of pride that they had picked her for the mission. She better shake a leg if she was going to meet up with the rest of the adventuring group before the sun sets.

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