Once again Dayzee must deal with the alchemist.  When is Dayzee going to get to adventure for (or can we hope with) the Surgeon?  Dayzee hopes one day she can officially meet the Surgeon, just not quietly stalk her.  Dayzee is intrigued by this creature.  But for now Dayzee must content herself with the gold the alchemist is offering.  Plus Dayzee has finally been paid for all the magic defining work she has done for the last few weeks.  There will be a reckoning with drinks at the Screaming Goat.

We were tasked to find some special herbs by Bitter and since he’s offering gold for the return of said herbs, Dayzee’s in.  Dayzee and her companions are sent to the blacksmith to be teleported (Dayzee always feels silly after using the portal) and when we step out Dayzee is confused.  SHUT UP! Just because Dayzee doesn’t always remember stuff is no reason to make fun of her.  You do know she can turn you into a newt, right?  But why you ask is Dayzee confused?  Seems that the portal stone from the Kalbian Clan was moved and Dayzee was taken by surprise at this.  Once Dayzee regains control of her emotions, she realizes that this is a good thing.  Less walking is good.  The portal sends us to the demolished brewery.  Dayzee had heard about the destruction of the brewery and is very disappointed that there will be no beer or mead until she returns to the town.  Alas it is but a minor issue as it turns out.  Dayzee was concerned when told the herbs that were needed were on the other side of the Haunted Forest.  If things couldn’t be more dangerous now Dayzee will have to traverse a haunted forest?  Quite. The only good thing about this adventure is the inclusion of the lawyer.  Dayzee will be discussing a possible lawsuit if things go bat#%&.

Heading north to the mushroom village (?) it starts to snow.  Great. Dayzee left her long johns back in town.  Fortunately we are able to make it to the Haunted Forest without freezing our tushies off.  Then we enter the Haunted Forest.  Too creepy and strange.  Good thing though as it has stopped snowing.  Then Dayzee looks up to the sky and realizes it’s not the trees that are keeping the snow out as the sky is clear but foreboding. Not good.  Dayzee wonders if we have been transported, against our will, to another place.  A place not of light and goodness but a dark and inhospitable whereabouts.  As expected bad things happen.  A creature called a Death Caller decides we are trespassing and demands a tribute. Of our lives.  We refuse.  We are accosted by undead things (adventuring term) thus the throw-down starts and Dayzee fights valiantly.  She sustains an injury and then calls on her hatred of water and douses the creature that tried to bite her.  To be fair the creature did bite Dayzee but Dayzee was able to shake off the poison or at least what Dayzee thought was poison.  Turns out it was much worse than poison as the lawyer will find out.  Having dispatched the first offending creature Dayzee turns her attention to the other.  This creature gets a chance to accept a bolt of force that flies out of Dayzee’s hand and is able to refuse the bolt.  Dayzee isn’t happy anymore (was she ever happy?  Who knows.)  The lawyer then takes out a restraining order against the Death Caller.  Unfortunately the DC, as Dayzee is now calling it, bites the lawyer(Crap!) and infects her with something nasty.  Even with this concerning situation everyone is able to defeat our adversaries.  Now the lawyer decides that the infection is actually a tiny beast that will swim in her blood and once it gets to her brain, will turn her undead.  The solution she comes up with is bad ass!  Dayzee has even more respect for the lawyer after the display of courage the lawyer exhibits.  She stabs herself in the side and with pinpoint accuracy kills the creature in her blood, thus saving us the trouble of killing her when she turned undead.  Dayzee would have done the honors but wouldn’t have enjoyed it…too much. Okay we need to get out of this forest.  Addison casts a cure spell to heal our wounds and we noticed that the trees start to smolder and with that Dayzee is out!  Undead trees is the mantra now running thru Dayzee’s head.  

Finally we leave the un-comfort of the Haunted Forest.  Turns out, now we must navigate a swamp that has lots of water to traverse.  It’s been pointed out that the only way to the mushroom village(?) is over the water.  Dayzee has already expressed her hatred of water but resigns herself to the fact that if she wants the gold offered by the alchemist she will have to suck it up and get wet and of course cold.  If you were standing close to Dayzee, not recommended but, if so you might hear some rather colourful language coming from under her breath.  She attempts to freeze some moss to create a raft but is unsuccessful and is promptly dumped into the water unceremoniously.  Again the colourful language bubbles to the surface. Dayzee can see the shore after a time in the water and suddenly, of course, we see some underwater shapes heading our way.  Great, now not only is Dayzee wet and cold but she possibly will be bleeding by the end of this.  Never mind, Dayzee is over this and so heads for the shore.  Dayzee knows her companions can defeat a couple of minor fish things.  And if things go awry Dayzee will be able to better attack if she isn’t shivering and dripping.  The creatures are defeated and actually one of them is still alive but unconscious.  A brief discussion ensues over killing or not killing the creature.  Dayzee says she’s ok if killing is the choice but others protest.  Mort heats up his blade and carves a warning in the forehead of the creature and then slips it back into the water.  We watch as it sinks into the water.  Again a debate starts up as to the cruelty of this and some of us point out it is an amphibian since it struck us from an underwater position.  Dayzee wasn’t sure but in reality doesn’t care.  The creatures made her annoyed and you don’t want to annoy Dayzee.  Especially if she has been wading thru wet and cold.  Dayzee did note that the creatures didn’t really have armor but were covered in moss that seemed to be frozen.  Dayzee decides to not point this out to her companions. 

Finally the mushroom village(?) appears on the horizon.  As we approach, a very odd creature comes to greet us.  This is Zimway.  Dayzee has heard the story of Zimway but hasn’t met this odd creature yet.  But to his credit he finishes what the lawyer started when she stabbed herself, to prevent the undead blood bug turning her into an undead.  He is able to heal her completely.  Dayzee is glad.  Then Dayzee is once again confused as one of her companions speaks to this Zimway person and asks if they can plant one of the portal stones nearby.  Zimway visibly shudders at the request and asks that we plant it closer to our destination and not next to the village.  Zimway, rightly Dayzee thinks, is afraid of the consequences of having this potentially dangerous portal right next to his village.  Even if they are mushrooms.  We ask about the location of the herbs we are here to gather and Z tells us they are plentiful in the ruins a bit further away from the village.  He also tells us that the ruins seem to be inhabited by some other planar creatures.  Again, great.  More sweating and fighting, just what Dayzee wants to do in her wet and cold clothes.  Seeing Addison using her magic to dry and warm her own clothes, Dayzee asks if she could do that for Dayzee’s clothes.  Not surprisingly Addison refuses even when Dayzee offers coin.  Fine just don’t expect Dayzee to offer any assistance the next time wet clothes are involved.  Also Addison has made THE LIST.  Of course she is at the bottom of THE LIST but it’s certain that she will someday make it to the top of THE LIST.  Dayzee then sees the mushroom people bring out some fire warmed rocks that they can cook with and she is able to place her wet clothes on these rocks.  It does mean that Dayzee is naked but warm clothes are way more important that the fact that everyone can see Dayzee’s hooha. We are offered food by the villagers and Dayzee accepts some grubs that are still squirming.  Dayzee decides to teach these mushroom people about cooking and so places the grubs on the cooking rocks.  As the grubs approach bursting from the pressure of the heat she eats them and they are delish!!  Thinking of a possible business opportunity, Dayzee hopes to talk to the pots and pans guy about starting a restaurant based on these delicacies.  The others made do with a salad of sorts but it seems there is potential there also, as no complaints about the salads arise. After the seven or eight grubs Dayzee did feel a bit unsettled but was able to shake it off.  Shouldn’t be a problem if the restaurant just makes sure everyone signs a waiver.  Note to self, talk to lawyer about waiver.  Time seems to be following its own path and suddenly we are heading for the ruins.  Dayzee isn’t sure if she spent the nite at the mushroom village(?) or it’s actually the same day.  All she knows is now she’s heading for the ruins and the herbs. This happens occasionally for Dayzee after a night at the Screaming Goat. Nothing to worry about.
Dayzee reminds herself that there are also creatures at the ruins who may be hostile.  That takes her mind off of the dilemma of whether it’s the same day or the next day.  As we travel at the speed of adventure, Gordo our leshi friend unwraps a gem that Zimway had given him.  The wrapping has a series of representations that look vaguely familiar to some of the group.  We store this away for future consideration.

As we converge upon the ruins there is an archway that we will have to pass under to enter the ruins proper.  As we draw near we see a symbol etched into the the arch at its highest point.  When examined,  it seems innocuous but Dayzee is leery of it.  The others aren’t bothered by it and as we enter Dayzee is ready for all manner of mischief but nothing happens.  At first.  Then as we move further into the ruins and approach a statue, which Dayzee fully expects to attack them, it doesn’t but from the only covered building a creature comes out and then on the other side of the avenue another creature of the same creatureness moves out of the shadows. They look like frogs.  Dayzee waits to see what her group decides to do.  All hell breaks loose as it seems these creatures feel we have come to steal their stuff.  Hilarity ensues as the gaze attack these creatures have cause Dayzee to, for once, feel good about herself.  But the jokes on them as it still allows her, even though she feels good about herself, to send an icy bolt of unhappiness their way.  Turns out that made them very unhappy as they seem to be hurt almost as if the cold caused them to freeze in their pantaloons. Dayzee laughs at this development (remember Dayzee feels good..hmm another possible business venture?).  She continues to send icy gifts their way.  Then as the last creature falls to its untimely death we hear a cry emanate from the creature’s throat and an answering cry startles us as another two creatures emerge and they are much larger.  It must have been calling for the parents(?).  Fantastic. Okay not really but we dispatch these denizens of forbidding parentness.  The battle is won.  As we heal our wounds and look for loot, the statue is examined quite thoroughly and a gold crown with embedded jewels is found on the head (somewhere else would be weird or wicked).  There was another statue further in and upon examining it we discover it can be moved.  By turning it, there is revealed an underground chamber.  This chamber leads to another tunnel that seems to run north and south.  It’s determined that this is the underground highway that was observed back at the brewery before it was destroyed.  Speculation starts as to the purpose of this “roadway”.

Remembering our original mission we find the herb the alchemist sent us to find.  We all gather some and then continue to look around we find a necklace that has an amulet suspended from it.  The amulet is in the image of the rune that was over the arch.  Dayzee is given the gem that Zimway handed to Gordo as it was a fireball gem.  Whee!  Dayzee is now even more dangerous.

We make our way back to town after planting the portal stone.  That was a whole ‘nother story of where to plant it.  After getting back to town Bitters makes good on his promise of gold and Dayzee feels some warmth towards Bitters.  Still not planning on jumping his bones but at least she can stand to be in the same room with him even if there is no gold involved. 

Look out Screaming Goat.  Dayzee has coin burning a hole in her purse.

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