Dayzee was once again minding her own business at the Screaming Goat enjoying a few pints.  She noticed a few tables away there were a group of adventurers and one of them was a newly arrived alchemist.  He was a rookie and the rest of the table were telling him all about the fun times to be had out in the wilderness of Relken’s Reach.  Dayzee shakes her head and thinks to herself, “good another body to stand behind when death comes a calling.  Going back to her pint she listened with half an ear as a couple of dwarven children come rushing up to the table of adventurers and says that Brasshand, who is their grandfather, is asking for adventurers to come to the teleport stable as he has a need of their assistance. Dayzee smells a possible purse growing opportunity and tags along. Brasshand is always good for some coin.  Leaving Relken’s Folly the group passes the new “church” at least Dayzee thinks it’s a church or maybe the correct term is temple.  She’s heard something about Desna getting into the religion business here in Relken’s Reach but as Dayzee doesn’t really care about that stuff she has pretty much ignored the goings on around this particular event.

Anyway, we walk into Brasshand’s new shiny building that houses the teleport stones and Dayzee is impressed.  Brasshand has really done something with the place. As we enter, we are surrounded by little plant people who are hugging one of the adventurers.  Dayzee realizes she had ignored who all were at that table in the Goat.  Taking a moment to look over her companions she sees the alchemist as mentioned, a warrior that she recognizes from a previous adventure, also Addison the young girl who on a previous adventure had shown a distinct dislike for Dayzee (which didn’t really bother Dayzee as that’s a common occurrence), and two druids.  One of which Dayzee also recognized from a previous adventure and was the one being mauled by the little plant people.  He seemed to know them so Dayzee put her fireball spell on hold.  After all the hoopla had died down Brasshand tells us that Zimway has actually sent for us.  Oh, by the way has Dayzee mentioned that it’s freakin’ cold out. Almost like it’s winter or something. Dayzee hadn’t been outside for a while, the Screaming Goat was always warm, and was shocked at all the coldness.  Anyway, Dayzee digresses. After figuring out that Zimway wanted our help we walked thru the portal and popped out into Zimway land.  Damn now it’s freakin” hot!  Can the weather be more confusing?  Looking around Dayzee realizes the reason it’s hot here is due to the active volcano that looms over the land here.  Also, we are in the swamp or SWAMP as it seems there’s a lot of water around.  The plant people take us to Zimway and along the way the plant people “milk” the giant mushrooms.  Yes, you heard Dayzee correctly, giant mushrooms.  They refer to the “milk” as Mushroom Sweat?  Gross and gross.  We get to the Mushroom Village and meet Zimway, who by the way looks like a tall mushroom with arms and legs.  

Zimway tells us that a band of creatures attacked the Mushroom Village and stole the “Acorn of Life”.  Dayzee really hopes it’s not a mushroom.  When we ask Zimway which way the bad guys ran he points towards the Haunted Forest.  Dayzee is having doubts about the adventure at that point.  Having been in the Haunted Forest once before and witnessed the Lawyer be infected with a mind worm, Dayzee questions the desire for more coin.  Zimway tells us that he is sure the creatures that attacked were under some type of mind control.  Possibly the mind worms.  Dayzee is ready to nope outa there but admittedly greed is rather a powerful incentive for Dayzee.  Then a curious thing happens as Zimway is telling us how to get to the location where he thinks they took the Acorn of Life.  He mentions that we will have to pass by the ruins where Zagway has set up camp.  Dayzee looks at the others to see if they caught this weirdness.  It seems that Zimway is unaware of the fact that he is also Zagway!  How is that possible?  Hmm, Dayzee will have to think on this.  Anyway, after that confusing situation we are led by some of the plant people to the path that will lead us to our destination. We skirt the edge of the ruins hoping “Zagway” is unaware of us.  As it turns out, Zagway of course isn’t aware of us but his minions are.  Dammit, Zimway.  We are attacked by creatures who seem to appear out of thin air.  Fortunately, our druids and Addison are scanning, sniffing, and poking the trail as we proceed, but not before one of the godless creatures hurts Dayzee badly. Almost as if the Gods smiled on the creature as it hit Dayzee in the precise spot to do the most damage.  To Dayzee’s chagrin she screams in pain.  That was a good thing though as the druid heals Dayzee.  The battle continues and the creatures are getting in some good shots.  Most of us are leaking at least some bodily fluids that we need and so Addison calls out and heals the group. Dayzee has now moved Addison further down on The List.  At this rate Addison will have to really annoy Dayzee to move anywhere near the top of The List.  And that’s a good thing.

As the creatures die, and they do die, we notice they turn into small red cap mushrooms that look deadly.  Some of us take the mushrooms to trade to the alchemist Bitter when we return to Relken’s Folly.

During the fight the druid Linee’s cat had been infected by one of the creatures and thanks to Dayzee reminding her we are able to cure the cat’s paw that was turning really icky.  As we move thru the Haunted Forest, we notice that the trees are dripping some type of goop on us.  After investigating this goop it’s determined that it’s flammable so no fires we’re told.  Moving along we come to a toppled tower and suddenly we are attacked by a giant creature that looks like a cross between a spider and a sloth.  It penetrates Addison’s forehead with a barbed stinger and we all attack.  Small versions of this creature erupt from the undergrowth and a fight ensues.  Stuff happens Curious stuff.  Fighting of course but then at one-point Addison seems to be trying to talk to the creature. Weird.  Addison may be moving up The List after all.  The small versions of the big creature are dispatched and then Addison informs us that the creature was really trying to communicate with us.  Dayzee is questioning the reasoning behind this as Addison is using words like, “assimilate” and “family” when referring to the conversation going on between her and the creature.  Finally, we come to a compromise and allow the creature to live.  It tells us that it will allow others of our kind to pass by.  It also informs us that the creatures we are looking for are in the temple ahead.  It also says that the entrance is trapped.  As we approach the entrance, we see a shimmer to the entryway.  There is a Royal Crest that is part of the entrance and after Dayzee digs deep into her memory of religious revelations she remembers that this is possibly a symbol of a God-a human dark god.  Norburger or something like that.  Unfortunately, Dayzee can’t remember exactly what the name was. We still need to get thru the shimmering entrance so Addison shoots the shimmer with some good energy and pays the price.  It breaks the shimmer but with a bolt of energy ricocheting back to the people in front.  Not Dayzee as she is smart and moved away from the front of the group before this happened.  Some people say Dayzee is dumb but Dayzee’s not stupid.

Okay we enter.  As we move forward, we see a large statue of a humanoid further down the hallway.  Suddenly from both sides creatures jump out and Dayzee determines that they are undead.  Of course, what else can attack us today? Our warrior Azzir gets buffed by Dayzee and attacks.  Dayzee has another trick in her bag of…tricks.  She sends an electrical charge through two of the creatures, destroying one of them and badly damaging the other.  Battle rages.  Combat continues.  We win.  People got hurt, people got healed.  Azzir decides that the large humanoid statue needs some attention and approaches with the intention of determining what it’s doing in the middle of this hallway.  He then discovers that it will turn and so he turns it.  Immediately the room spins and now the front is the back and we can see a set of stairs leading into another room.  This is bad as now Dayzee is at the front of the group instead of the back like she should be.  That’s really bad!  Especially when Dayzee hears a voice inviting us into the room.  Dayzee decides to let the others enter first as a courtesy.  As the others move into the room Dayzee notices that the large humanoid statue has started to move forward forcing all to enter the room that is occupied with a group of hobgoblins and lizardmen.  Fine except the hobgoblins and lizardmen don’t look right.  Beyond the obvious.  They are consuming large quantities of a grub like creature.  Mind worms?? Their skin moves like waves on the beach.  Dayzee is sure she is going to hurl and not hurl in a good way.  Then they attack and of course they hurl the mind worms at us, again not in a good way.  Dayzee is glad it’s been a few hours since she ate.  The fight rages on.  One of the creatures is killed and explodes with a fury of a custard filled pie. Spewing mind worms.  Dayzee throws up in Dayzee’s mouth a little bit.  Our alchemist is engulfed with a horde of mind worms and we see three burrow into his body. The fight continues.  Azzir and Addison have moved to the platform on which our host(?) is directing the attacks.  A battle between a warrior, a 16yr old girl with a pole, and an evil monk ensues.  And no that’s not a joke.  The hobgoblins and lizardmen are defeated but leave a pile of mind worms behind that swarm us.  The alchemist burns and freezes himself to rid the invaders from his body.  Our non-plant person druid cuts herself to remove the worms burrowing into her body.  The battle with the monk is going well until Dayzee makes a critical error and accidently heals the monk.  Dayzee makes up for it as she casts Hideous Laughter on the monk.  Ha the jokes on the monk.  Addison and Azzir then work together and defeat the monk with a well-timed spell on Azzir’s weapon and Azzir’s fighting ability.  The monk goes down.  The fighting seems to be finished but we all notice that the swarms of mind worms move to the monk and cover her body.  This concerns Dayzee and then Linee, the druid, shoots electricity through the swarm effectively killing most of it.  Dayzee is very distrustful of the fallen monk and casts a flaming sphere onto the monk.  She attempts to dodge the fire but is laughing too hard to dodge.  She dies screaming at the joke that killed her.  We are victorious and the rest of the story is boring.

Once again Dayzee needs a drink.  Look out Screaming Goat.  Dayzee has silver to spend.

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