So here’s a final story about our crime spree in small town America. Which by the way has slowed down from previous weeks. They caught the guy who tried to rob a bank and when unsuccessful headed to the next small town and succeeded. He was caught in a bigger city robbing a bank there.

The story I heard about tho was one while everyone was still on pins and needles. A new teller had just started the week before all the robberies and was coming off teller training in which they drill into you how to act and deal with bank robbers. Ha in reality they tell you stuff like, ‘ if he comes to your window cooperate, it’s not your money!  Granted good advice but not really training material. Anyway this new teller has been hearing all about the current spate of robberies and this customer comes to her window and hands her a NOTE. She looks at the folded piece of paper and makes a decision that if she doesn’t look at the note it can’t be happening. The other tellers are motioning her to pick up the note and she’s shaking her head no. Finally one of the tellers leans over and says, ” He can’t speak, the note is telling you how he wants to do his banking “.

Needless to say everyone is breathing easier this week. Now we just gotta hope they catch the other guy as he was waving a gun around during his robberies.

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