So here’s some stuff from the last week or so. Sorry comic stories from my life next time.

First off we have the spate of robberies here in small town America. One guy has robbed a few coffee stands, a donut shop (imagine the police’s chagrin over that one) and finally a motel. All in the space of about seven days. Busy guy. And dangerous as he displays a gun in each robbery.

Next up there was a bank robbery in another small town last week. This is unrelated to the previous guy, someone else trying his hand at cops and robbers. The cops were everywhere looking for this guy. The story then takes on a strange twist as the details come out. Turns out that was the second attempt by this guy. He had tried to rob another bank and when he handed the teller a note she said, and I quote, ‘ I don’t have any money ‘ unquote. The bad guy didn’t believe her so she showed him no money in her drawer. He then told her to go to the vault and get some. While she was gone he took off. Probably figured she was calling the cops. At least that’s what I’d do in the situation. So he tries somewhere else and scores.  They’re still looking for him I’m pretty sure.

Ok ready for more? Another unrelated robbery, this time involving a drug store. A guy goes to the pharmacy area and jumps over the counter and demands they give him all the Oxycontin. He has a knife and isn’t afraid to use it. He freaks and runs before getting anything. Alright then we have the guy who goes the the local K-Mart and heads to the gun counter, didn’t know they still had those in regular stores. He grabs a shotgun and some shells and proceeds to run thru the store and of course is met at the door by the police. He then sticks the shotgun under his chin and eventually the cops talk him down.

Ok enough crime, and keep in mind these all happened in the space of like seven to ten days. Here’s some people stories.

I heard this one on the Fox (Canada radio station). A woman that had been convicted of manslaughter is going to raise her baby (yep she’s pregnant) in jail. The way I heard it is that in Canada you can have a child up to four years of age with you in prison. My question is how many cigarettes is that kid going to be worth ( ok I confess the DJ actually said that while talking about this ). They did comment on the fact that in the States you can’t do that.

One more? This is a Penthouse letter almost. A co-worker was telling me about her just turned 18 yr old nephew who is living on his own after graduation. It seems he has a 35 yr old girl friend and she thought this a bit scandalous. I immediately thought lucky stiff (no pun intended even though…) and then she tells me about her son visiting the nephew when the girl friend shows up with another woman described as looking 50ish and awfully nervous or twitchy. My thought there was KID RUN as fast as you can, don’t be a wing man for your cousin it ain’t worth it.

Wasn’t that fun? We live in a strange world surrounded by strange people. Of which some are my friends. 😉

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