Hi there. In this spot on the Comic Book Detective website you are going to get some insight to my book called “The Comic Book Detective.” Over the next several months I will be revealing the characters, which, along with the city of Seattle and the weather of the Pacific Northwest, make up the world of The Comic Book Detective. Oh and of course comic books. We’ll explore the imagination of the main character, Alex Carter. He’s the owner of The Comics Clubhouse and he loves comics. He also sometimes inhabits a noir world he’s created. His imagination does occasionally get him in trouble, but he means well. The ingenue of the story, Naomi Price, is the owner of the Comics Library, a massive amount of comics left to her by her uncle. She meets Alex when she and her boyfriend Richard decide to sell the massive collection. We’ll meet Jimmy the friend, comic collector, and sneakerhead. Others will join us as the story navigates the ins and outs of the comic book world. And some romance spiced with some danger along the way.

Let the adventure begin…

Wondering what happened to Dayzee? She’s moved over to Patreon to help fund my upcoming book, The Comic Book Detective. Be sure to check Dayzee’s Ramblings on Patreon/albclover and help support my writing.

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