Yep it’s time for another foray into Al’s retired life.

Not much to say this time around other than I’m waiting patiently for Sat to get here as it’s once again time for the Speed Steel competition I like to shoot.  I did fairly well last month and then my other competition I came in 3rd, which on the surface doesn’t sound that great but for me it’s quite an accomplishment as I was only beaten by two of the premier shooters at this competition.  

I’ve got a week off from my trainer (thank goodness, ha just kidding L) but I still will get out of the house and away from the computer or should I say WoW.

The weather is lovely and reminds of one of the reasons I wanted to retire.  As any working person knows that there are times when you walk out the front door and have to go to work, and the birds are singing and the sun is shining and the grass is green, it’s very difficult to not just say to hell with it and take the day off.  Well today, for me, was one of those days.  

Sorry for that but I used to feel your pain and now I don’t.  Don’t worry, you will all get there and you’ll be happy you did.  It’s the end goal or at least it was for me.

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