Ok everyone welcome to my very first movie review (actually the first review I’ve really ever done in detail). It will be spoiler free so read on as I relate my first time going to the movie theatre since before Covid (and I’ll mention Covid one more time) but this isn’t about Covid. This is about a movie.

The first part of this review is a review of the movie theatre itself. In Bellingham we had a modern theatre with comfy seats and big screens but the theatre here in Tucson is AWESOME! The seats all recline, and no not lean back like an airplane recline but like a Lazyboy recline. I mean you could recline all the way to a position where with a blanket and a pillow you could go to sleep. The armrests are wide enough that both your arm and your neighbor’s arm can rest without a fight for who gets that armrest. Then there’s the cup-holder. It’s part of a large swiveled tray that’s attached to each armrest and large enough to fit a dinner plate comfortably with room to spare. If you order food that takes time to be cooked they hand deliver it to your seat in the theatre.

I didn’t indulge this time but now I’m like, Ya I wanna have my hot dog and garlic fries served to me on my cool swing-arm tray while I’m watching the trailers for the movies “Coming Soon”.

One more awesome thing is the placement of the seating. There’s sufficient room between your feet and the back of the row in front of you. In other words when that guy who sat in the very middle of the row and drank the Super Large Mtn Dew and now needs to run to the restroom he just walks by you without any danger of stepping on your feet because there’s an actual isle

The rest of the theatre is the standard sound (great) and large screens you’d expect from a modern movie theatre. Oh one last mention of the theatre. They offered a giant and I do mean giant bag of pre-popped pop corn (5lbs) you could buy and take home for your very own movie night. We thought about purchasing it for the Black Widow movie but figured that might be overkill.

Alright let’s talk Black Widow. I’ve seen some reviews and the movie is doing well but everyone is kinda forgetting that this is the first BIG movie after Covid (there it is the last mention)(okay I’m forgetting Wonder Woman 1984 but I’m not counting that as it was released when everyone was still worried about…you know and frankly I would have been a butt in a seat except for that one little thing) and our expectations are heightened. If nothing else let’s remember this movie follows (not chronically in this meaning of the word) The Avengers End Game and Spider-Man: Far from Home. Then that thing that I’m not going to mention again happened and everything stopped. And we worried we’d never see a movie in a theatre again.

Now I’m not going to say anything spoilery but I liked this movie. It had the action scenes I’d expect and it did surprise me. I will say the trailers (admittedly I avoided all but the first one on purpose) made me think that one aspect of the movie was going to happen and I’m happy to say it didn’t and as a matter of fact was the opposite of what I thought the plot was going to address. See no spoilers.

But and there is one. It’s not the first Iron Man but for me Iron Man was a culmination of fifty-some years of reading Marvel Comics and dreaming how great a Marvel Movie would be after sitting in the theatre clear back in 1978 and believing a man could fly. And don’t get me started on the TV Captain America movie in 1979 and then the 1990 attempt.

Black Widow hit all the right notes and combined with the awesome theatre the movie was great and I’d recommend seeing it in the theatre.
So there you go a movie review…kinda. Wow it’s hard to review something without giving away any parts of the thing you’re reviewing. I plan on reviewing more movies as they come available. Look for a review of Suicide Squad coming in the next month and then I get all Marvelous when Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Five Rings comes out in September.

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