Okay those of you who know me will just shake your head, but I must tell you a funny story. It’s a funny ha-ha story not “oh that’s weird” funny story. 

Yesterday I washed clothes in my awesome apartment washer/dryer. Now I’ve lived here for a year and in that time, I’ve washed clothes more times than I remember. But yesterday was a banner day for clothes washing. Okay there I am throwing the wet laundry into the dryer and press the button to start the cycle. I turn to see an elusive sock that was dropped along the way in its journey to become dry. All right no big deal just open the door and toss that errant piece of clothing in with its mates.  

Wait the door of the dryer won’t open. I look at the high-tech control panel and realize it locks the door during the cycle. No big deal, right? You should be able to still open the door just need to tell the big dryer brain to unlock the door.  

So, there I am pressing buttons that to me look like the correct sequence but no luck. No matter what I do the door stays locked. Oh well no worries it’s just one sock and I’ll just let it dry on its own.  

Not happy mind you but the anger at my inability to open the door has colored my brain and that bit that hides my caveman has emerged and I recognize I need to walk away before I do something I’ll regret later. And I do. 

I hear, after a dryer amount of time, the buzzer that indicates the clothes are dry. I’ve learned to not let the clothes sit in the dryer once their dry, so I walk into the laundry, yes, I have a laundry, and proceed to open the door of the dryer. But no, it doesn’t open! Crap what did I do when I was pushing buttons on the control panel? Opps here comes that frustration anger again. I stop and try to tamp down that emotion that causes the brain to not think and then it hit’s me. 

OMG! The door opens from the other side. Not the side that I was attempting to yank open. Yes, I let my frustration blind me to the most obvious tool using rule. If it doesn’t work that way maybe try it another way. Or in the tech world, “is it plugged in?” 

Yep, I had just opened the door to throw in the wet clothes and in the next 20sec forgot the door opened from the left not the right. Sheesh. And I don’t even have the excuse of being high. 

Well, there you go. A glimpse of Al’s world. Not all the time but those occasional hiccups in the matrix. 

See ya next time. 

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