The Comicbook Detective


He slips between the racks of superheroes searching for the lost comics.
With great Power comes great Responsibility.

Writing. We all do it.
Here’s what I’ve been writing for a while now:


  • Anything I Type—Everyday ramblings from rants to silly stories.

  • Dayzee’s Ramblings—A fantasy adventure with an occasional Fireball.

  • The ComicBook Detective—Love. Comics. Adventure. Comic nerds. Oh, and some Mt. Dew. You get the idea.

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Anything I Type

A blog about nothing…

is still about something.

Just ask Seinfeld.

Dayzee's Ramblings



and After Last Call

I Type

The year I turned 10 pt 2

The year I turned 10 pt 2

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash The biggest change in 1963 for me revolved around that math test I’d taken at the end of summer after my third-grade teacher outed me for my poor performance with multiplication tables. I’d spent the entire summer studying and when...

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Dayzee’s Ramblings

Dayzee is a Flowergirl

Dayzee is a Flowergirl

The small group of adventurers stood impatiently waiting for Dayzee. At least that’s what Dayzee assumed. Each member was either tapping their feet or pacing back and forth in a small line made obvious by the trench that had formed during their pacing. “Finally.” The...

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Dayzee is a flower girl

Dayzee is a flower girl

“Oh boy you were drunker than we thought. Alright let me go over this one more time. Last night you agreed to escort the wedding cake. Molly assured me that you could handle this. Now come on, the bakery is wanting the cake out of their hair. It’s kinda big.” Smitty...

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Dayzee is a flowergirl

“Dayzee, good to see you’re still among the living. Mother will be glad to know you’re okay and able to pay your tab. When you left last night it was debatable.” Gentle reader, Dayzee would never intentionally skip out on a bar bill. Afterall if she did, it would make...

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The World of the Comicbook Detective

Comic book or Comicbook? Stan Lee says

Comic book or Comicbook? Stan Lee says

Stan Lee on the write way to spell the word comicbook, ‘People always write it as if it’s two separate words. But to me, if it’s two separate words, then it means a funny book — a comic book. If you write it as one word, which is the way I do it, then it’s a generic...

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The Comicbook Detective Chapter One

One  I wish I could say it ended in a hail of gunfire, but I can’t because it didn’t. Or winning the dame, but that didn’t happen either. Alex Carter’s my name, I own The Comics Clubhouse. This is my story.          The wet...

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Alex Carter Comicbook Detective

There are eight million stories in the rainy city I inhabit. Naomi Price had walked into my life on a slow weekday afternoon looking for help. Her uncle had owned a massive assortment of comic books---over one hundred and fifty thousand to be precise---before he...

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About Al

At the early age of 6, I remember clutching my weekly allowance, a quarter, and seeing a Mad Magazine on the spin rack at the grocery store. The cover was a typical Mad Magazine cover that had the iconic ‘What me Worry’. Mad Magazine was the perfect combo of words and pictures to help me learn to read and enjoy reading. That Mad Magazine was the gateway drug to comic books and the beginning of my active imagination. Then I moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the sleepy town of Renton, a suburb south of Seattle. Surrounded by Boeing Field and the roar of jets from the Boeing airplane plant, I continued my pursuit of comics and discovered that reading was fun. The discovery of James Bond fit right into my world view and TV certainly helped keep my imagination active. I found what I thought would be my calling from listening to the radio. Being a radio DJ was a dream come true but I found that your dreams aren’t always great when you get to realize them. It did lead to me co-starring in a music video and when it showed up on MTV I had my 15 minutes of fame. Writing became a pastime that has since become a new adventure and I will soon be a published author. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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