The Comic Book Detective


He slips between the racks of superheroes searching for the lost comics.
With great Power comes great Responsibility.

Writing. We all do it.
Here’s what I’ve been writing for a while now:


  • Anything I Type—Everyday ramblings from rants to silly stories.

  • Midnite2Six—My first attempt to tell a story about a radio DJ and his after-hours listeners.

  • The ComicBook Detective—Love. Comics. Adventure. Comic nerds. Oh, and some Mt. Dew. You get the idea.

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Anything I Type

A blog about nothing…

is still about something.

Just ask Seinfeld.


I’m the voice on your radio at 3:07 in the morning as you drive your car to the liquor store and find out it’s closed.

Anything I Type

Another Funny Story

In September I attended a comicbook convention here in Tucson. This was the first convention I'd been to in more than a decade. After spending the latter part of the 21st century as a contributing member in one fashion or another in the comic industry I'd become...

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A Funny Al Story 

Okay those of you who know me will just shake your head, but I must tell you a funny story. It's a funny ha-ha story not “oh that’s weird” funny story.  Yesterday I washed clothes in my awesome apartment washer/dryer. Now I've lived here for a year and in that...

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My First Senior Moment (No Really)

There I was on a Friday afternoon at the gym. Trying to remember some of the Lorinda Death Workouts. So after sweating a Black Sea of sweat (is that really possible?) I headed out to do some shopping. Nope not clothes, nope not groceries. And certainly not tractors,...

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Monster Road

  The night schedule has started to take a toll on my health.  Specifically my weight.  I wasn't eating right and sleeping all day, thus no exercise and lots of bad calories.  So I figured it was time for a change.  I used to fence and until I...

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Old friends

Here's a quick update before my shift.  Jerry's back in town after his excursion to the big city.  He called a while back during my shift and we got together in the morning.  We talked about how things went.  I learned that he had left...

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Time flys when you’re having fun

Wow has it been two years almost since I last regaled you with stories of my late nite happenings?  As you may have guessed a lot of stuff has happened in the world of Midnite 2 Six.  The biggest change is that I no longer have to work if I don't want to.  Your first...

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The World of the Comic Book Detective

The Comicbook Detective Chapter One

One  I wish I could say it ended in a hail of gunfire, but I can’t because it didn’t. Or winning the dame, but that didn’t happen either. Alex Carter’s my name, I own The Comics Clubhouse. This is my story.          The wet...

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Alex Carter Comicbook Detective

There are eight million stories in the rainy city I inhabit. Naomi Price had walked into my life on a slow weekday afternoon looking for help. Her uncle had owned a massive assortment of comic books---over one hundred and fifty thousand to be precise---before he...

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Naomi Price

Hi, my name is Naomi Price. Alex asked me to introduce myself. I’m the love interest, at least Alex hopes so, we’ll see. I’m twenty-eight and a college graduate with a bunch of comics. None of which were purchased or collected by me. My Uncle...

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About Al

At the early age of 6, I remember clutching my weekly allowance, a quarter, and seeing a Mad Magazine on the spin rack at the grocery store. The cover was a typical Mad Magazine cover that had the iconic ‘What me Worry’. Mad Magazine was the perfect combo of words and pictures to help me learn to read and enjoy reading. That Mad Magazine was the gateway drug to comic books and the beginning of my active imagination. Then I moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in the sleepy town of Renton, a suburb south of Seattle. Surrounded by Boeing Field and the roar of jets from the Boeing airplane plant, I continued my pursuit of comics and discovered that reading was fun. The discovery of James Bond fit right into my world view and TV certainly helped keep my imagination active. I found what I thought would be my calling from listening to the radio. Being a radio DJ was a dream come true but I found that your dreams aren’t always great when you get to realize them. It did lead to me co-starring in a music video and when it showed up on MTV I had my 15 minutes of fame. Writing became a pastime that has since become a new adventure and I will soon be a published author. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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